Case Study — Calligo

Cloud service provider expands their offerings with STaaS solution

Calligo Deploys S3-based Storage-as-a-Service Solution

Calligo is an innovative, global cloud service provider (CSP) offering a range of cloud-based managed services to its clients, covering all aspects of infrastructure, applications, and communications. The firm’s offerings span data privacy and security, application performance guarantees, commercial flexibility, and a personalised support service. Its global span includes data centres in Jersey, Guernsey, Bermuda, Singapore, Zurich, and Geneva.

S3 Storage-as-a-Service

Calligo has seen growing demand for storage-as-a-service (STaaS) offerings, and specifically sought to deploy an Amazon S3-based object storage solution. Many of Calligo’s clients had applications and other third party services that supported S3, and would benefit from an Amazon S3-compatible offering.

Interoperability, scalability, and multitenancy drove the decision. After reviewing the competing solutions, Calligo selected Cloudian. As a service provider, Calligo knew that compatibility was critical and that clients would expect the S3 service to seamlessly support all of their S3-enabled applications.

Tests have shown that Cloudian’s 100% native S3 API offers the highest S3 interoperability of all competing solutions. Tom Hacquoil, Chief Digital Officer at Calligo, describes this as “a major decision point” in the selection of Cloudian technology.

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Customer Requirements
  • Amazon S3 compatibility to ensure interoperability
  • Transparent capacity and performance scalability to accommodate growth
  • Multi-tenancy for security and SLA delivery
Cloudian Solution


“The fact that Cloudian is 100% native S3 has allowed us to speed up the expansion of additional services. We looked at other S3-based products, but Cloudian’s HyperStore came out on top.”

Tom Hacquoil
Chief Digital Officer, Calligo