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For data backup targets, your typical choices are disk-based solutions, which are fast but costly, and tape which is less expensive but slow. In capacity-intensive environments, the problems grow. Disk solutions become increasingly costly as capacity is added. And with tape, your constant attention is required to ensure that SLAs are met. Cloudian offers an alternative backup target that is fast, simple, and cost effective.

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Cloudian object storage offers an alternative to conventional disk and tape. At 70% less TCO than other disk-based solutions, and with far greater speed and convenience than tape, it makes the ideal backup target for large capacity environments.

Compatible with popular backup solutions such as Veritas, Veeam, Commvault, and Rubrik, Cloudian HyperStore offers petabyte-scalable, on-premises storage at an affordable cost. Cloudian gives you multiple backup options to meet your specific objectives. Configure a hybrid cloud and tier a portion of your data to the public cloud. Or locate Cloudian nodes at different locations to automatically provide backup and recovery capabilities across multiple sites.

With Cloudian you have a choice of data protection methods—replication or erasure coding—and a choice of compression algorithms to speed up the process:  LZ4, snappy, and Zlib. Cloudian HyperStore can be implemented as a “bolt on” solution, so there’s no need to overhaul your existing storage architecture. Simply point your data backups toward HyperStore from your existing infrastructure.


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  • Hybrid capabilities for choice of backup locations
  • Reduced operations cost with a single, scalable target
  • Choice of erasure coding or replication for data protection
  • Multiple compression options
  • Works with most popular backup software


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