Intelligent & Scalable Video Surveillance for the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years, with marijuana sales rising 33% to nearly $10 billion in 2017 alone*. As an industry built around a controlled substance, it nonetheless faces intense scrutiny and strict regulatory compliance requirements with serious implications for delayed security
response times. Moreover, Canada’s regulations require companies to record and monitor key areas like farms, stores etc while storing at least two years of video surveillance footage. Choosing the right video surveillance system that provides the insights, capacity, scalability, and remote monitoring capabilities needed to operate large growing and production facilities is essential for optimal operations, security and compliance.


The Cloudian®-WiZR joint surveillance solution addresses the key regulatory requirements with industry-leading video analytics and storage. The solution uses AI for identification and alerting on live video streams from both legacy CCTV and IP cameras. It is built on a hyper-scalable object store solution that can store a limitless amount of video stream with its associated metadata for in-depth forensic analysis and meeting stringent regulatory compliance requirements. The solution’s modern and innovative architecture enables unparalleled performance at a significantly lower cost than traditional solutions.

Figure 1: Intelligent Video Surveillance Architecture

WiZR’s disruptive platform solves the key pain points associated with traditional video analytics, reducing install times from months to minutes at up to a 97% lower cost. WiZR’s 20+ patent-pending AI technology reduces false alarms by 80%+* with a federated, multi-tenant incident management system to enable real-time, remote monitoring and data access. Compatible with nearly all legacy IP-enabled and CCTV cameras, customers can deploy and unify their surveillance monitoring with industry-leading video security and analytics without disrupting their existing infrastructure, thereby reducing solution TCO.

Cloudian’s storage solution addresses the three compelling challenges facing video surveillance professionals: scalability security and analytics. With its capability to scale to hundreds of petabytes with security and data protection, not only can Cloudian’s solution store the burgeoning volume of video data that modern solutions generate, it also enables fine-grain searchability and analytics on this enormous amount of video data through the use of embedded metadata. In addition, Cloudian’s solution is 100% software-defined, capable of running on commodity hardware and provides simplified data storage management at cloud economics.

cannabis video surveillance

Figure 2: AI and IoT-Enabled Incident Management

Together, a solution based on WiZR + Cloudian addresses the challenges of deploying a functioning intelligent video surveillance system while addressing the regulatory and forensic requirements at unparalleled cost savings.


The cannabis industry is experiencing massive growth with the need to invest and deploy a fully functional and scalable video surveillance system. With the advent of Machine Learning and AI, video surveillance systems have moved from traditional monitoring to visual intelligence platforms with sensor integration filtering capable of triggering actions based on events as well as on patterns and predictive analytics.

This has resulted in systems that generate and depend on troves of data that will need to be stored for regulatory and forensic reasons for long periods of time. The Cloudian video surveillance storage solution along with WiZR’s video analytics platform offers an ideal platform to address this unprecedented opportunity. The solution offers simple, seamless data management through a single pane of glass across on-premises
and public cloud storage to further optimize investment costs. In addition, the integrated advanced intelligence engine allows for data to be effortlessly searched, retrieved, and analyzed without the need for additional computational resources and investments.

Minimum Resolution Regulations Set resolution Dynamic resolution storage saves on cost while meeting regulation needs
Footage Storage Regulations Manual management Fully automated and customizable based on state regulations
Remote Footage Regulations Fully on-premise or
cloud only
Dynamic storage on-premise and/or in the cloud
Regulation Adaptability Difficult to reconfigure
or adjust
Modern architecture and platform consistently updated to meet regulatory needs
False Alarm Rates High false alarm rates 80%+ lower false alarm rate
Existing System Compatibility Low or proprietary hardware requirements High
Camera Compatibility Custom hardware Legacy CCTV and IP cameras
IoT Compatibility Limited or proprietary with few integration points Open API framework with full platform integration
Detection Time 3 sec + < 1 sec
Storage Trade-off between cost and capacity Unlimited scalability at cloud economics

WiZR  Key Features

  • Fully integrated incident management and dispatch
  • Real-time analytics and intelligent alerting
  • Deep Learning AI and training platform
  • Dynamic AI architecture
  • Edge/cloud/openfog hybrid platform
  • Incident management tools
  • Legacy compatible
  • IoT Integration
  • Remote, multi-tenant data access

Cloudian Key Features

  • Low cost and large capacity
  • Software-defined
  • Metadata-enabled for analytics and searchability
  • Enhanced security and encryption
  • Ease-of-management (policy-based) and usability
  • Data consolidation and multi-tenancy
  • Continuous availability with transparent fault detection and recovery
  • Tiering, disaster recovery, and data migration (built-in)