Deployed together, QStar and Cloudian provide a robust file archive solution that allows organizations to easily migrate static data from primary storage systems such as NetApp filers, onto a cost efficient, highly scalable, object-based storage platform running Cloudian HyperStore® software. The components that make up this solution include the following:


  • QStar Archive Manager: Acts as a local cache into backend Cloudian object store. A CIFS or NFS gateway is presented out and used as a target for QStar Network Migrator. Archiving to object storage happens automatically when certain thresholds and conditions are met (i.e. Cache reaches 80% capacity).

  • QStar Network Migrator: This component is responsible for the actual data movement from primary storage to the archive point and subsequently the Cloudian HyperStore platform. Network Migrator is also responsible for file stubbing and supports NetApp filers using FPolicy (CIFS).
  • Cloudian HyperStore: A feature rich and highly scalable software-defined, object based storage platform that is 100 percent S3 compatible. In this architecture, Cloudian acts as the central repository for all archive data. Cloudian is a scale out, geo cluster solution that supports various features and technologies including replication, erasure coding, multi-tenancy and QoS, as well as the ability to tier-out into any other S3 compatible platform such as Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier or another Cloudian system.