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5 Cloudian Storage Benefits in AI Use Cases

AI training models place new requirements on data storage platforms. The scope of AI projects may expand rapidly, meaning the infrastructure must also scale quickly and without disruption. Furthermore, training or inferencing data may exist for years, so infrastructure decisions may have long-term implications. Consider your requirements early in the process, and you’ll be well-positioned for growth.

Here are five reasons why Cloudian is an ideal storage choice for AI use cases:

1) Modular scalability

The foundation of AI is data. Cloudian HyperStore offers scalable file and object storage infrastructure, allowing organizations to easily accommodate the growing demands on storage for AI use cases. It can handle exabytes of data, providing the necessary scalability for storing and processing vast amounts of data generated by AI workloads

2) Compatibility with AI Frameworks

Cloudian HyperStore is compatible with popular machine learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Spark ML. These frameworks are designed for parallel training from object storage, optimizing AI workloads and improving performance. With Cloudian HyperStore, organizations can fully leverage the power of GPUs without storage limitations, maximizing the utilization of valuable resources.

3) Seamless Integration

Cloudian HyperStore seamlessly integrates with various components of AI systems to serve as a feature store, supporting the registration and discovery of curated features. It also provides scalable data infrastructure for vector databases like Milvus, enabling advanced search and analysis functionalities. Moreover, it supports the storage of machine learning models, ensuring reproducibility, governance, and secure serving.

4) Resilient Data Protection

Raw data is a critical AI asset that is not easily replaced. Cloudian protects that data with fault-tolerant features like data replication, and erasure coding. Additionally, military-grade data security and data immutability ensure the integrity and durability of data assets.

5) Efficient Data Management

Effective data management is crucial for successful AI applications, and Cloudian HyperStore excels in this area. It offers rich object metadata, object versioning, and object tags, enabling organizations to organize and catalog their data efficiently. The multi-tenancy feature facilitates collaboration among multiple data scientists or teams working with the same data, accelerating AI workflows.

These benefits make Cloudian HyperStore the ideal storage for AI use cases, providing scalable and resilient data storage, efficient data management, seamless integration with AI components, and compatibility with leading AI frameworks.

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