File Sharing that Puts IT in Control

Get enterprise file sharing and collaboration while ensuring GDPR compliance. Cloudian® and Storage Made Easy® (SME) combine an on-premises data repository, data governance policies, and a cloud-like user experience, so your users can be more productive while you maintain control.

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Storage Made Easy

GDPR-Ready File Sync and Share

Employees regularly use external cloud-based services such as Dropbox to share files — documents that may include company and personal data — creating a potential compliance exposure. Compounding matters, the data’s physical location — and the location of those accessing it — are frequently outside IT control, creating additional regulatory and compliance concerns.

Cloudian® HyperStore® and Storage Made Easy® put you in control. Get enterprise file sharing and collaboration with on-premises storage that eliminates the risk of cloud data breaches.

Compliance is Built In

Cloudian puts the data in your data center, behind your firewall, inside your security framework. Restrict external access to only specific geo locations, and control data synchronization rules. Shared file links can be time-limited if desired. Audit tools let you monitor data accesses and provide reports. Cloudian and SME enterprise file sharing puts you in control.

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Personal Data Under Your Control

Monitor and control the use of sensitive information with deep content indexing that scans files, detects the presence of personal data and provides notification. Recognize over 60 forms of personal data such as credit card numbers, driver’s license numbers, and social security numbers. Configure email alerts to your Data Protection Officer, if desired.

Access From Any Device

Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms, and with iOS and Android devices, a lightweight application provides a simple management view. If desired, view file and folders in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. Maintain local copies, subject to admin-set policies.

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Simple, Cloud-Like User Experience for Enterprise File Sharing

A cloud-like user interface and single sign-on simplicity make the solution easy to use. Users can access and share files and create groups. Shared links are more secure too, with password protection, download limits, and expiration dates to help control potential sharing beyond the intended recipients.