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Sovereign Cloud

Building A Data Lakehouse Service In Sovereign Cloud
Sovereign Cloud Fireside Chat
Data Protection in VMware Sovereign Cloud with Veeam and Cloudian
Protect Your Mission-Critical Data With VMware Sovereign Cloud, Veeam, and Cloudian

HyperIQ & HyperCare

Easing the Storage Management Burden in the Face of Skills Shortages

Data Analytics

Modernize SQL Server with S3 Data Lake
Data Observability Platform With An S3 Data Lake
Unified Analytics Data Lake Platform with Vertica and Cloudian Hyperstore
Data Lakehouse in Action with VMware Greenplum and Cloudian
Optimize Your HPC and Data Lake Environment On Prem
Modernize Your Data Warehouse with VMware Greenplum and Cloudian
Panel Session: Achieving Growth in Tomorrow’s Cloud Data and Analytics Market


Ransomware Best Practices for Protection, Mitigation, and Recovery
Veeam Cloudian Ransomware Lockout
Ransomware and Cyber Insurance: A C-Suite Conversation (with Veeam CISO Gil Vega)
Ransomware Protection for Unstructured Data (with RackTop and Cloudian)
Why the FBI Can’t Stop Cybercrime and How You Can with Jeff Lanza
Staying Ahead of Ransomware with Danny Pehar


Enterprise-Grade Kubernetes Protection with Cloudian and Kasten by Veeam
Run Modern Stateful Services with VMware and Cloudian
Increase Flexibility and Decrease TCO with Hyperconverged Splunk Deployments (on VMware and Cloudian)

Hybrid Cloud

Path to a Hybrid World Ft Amazon (BT)
Scalable Storage On-Prem for AWS Outposts (with AWS’ Joshua Burgin)


MythBusters Webinar Series

Object Storage / Data Management

Service Providers


ransomware panel discussion

Panel Discussion with VMware, Veeam, and Cloudian

Ransomware has been identified by the World Economic Forum as one of the top 5 economic risks, a risk level comparable to global warming.

View this panel session on-demand to learn how new technology from Cloudian, Veeam, and VMware provides a hardened solution to keep your data safe – whether that be in an on-premises data center or as a Managed Services Provider providing Ransomware Protection-as-a-Service to enterprise customers.


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