Cloudian HyperStore File Services and Cloudian HyperStore object storage together deliver scalable enterprise file services.  Get scalable storage, so you can start small and grow seamlessly to petabytes at 1/3 the cost of traditional enterprise file solutions.

Enterprise-Class, Scale-Out File Services​

Multi Protocol Support

Multi-Protocol Support

Supports Windows and Linux clients and applications. SMB (CIFS), NFS, POSIX compliant. Also supports Active Directory and LDAP integration.​

Limitless Capacity

Limitless Capacity

Scale from terabytes to petabytes, without disruption, simply by adding Cloudian HyperStore nodes. Cached data within HyperStore File Services nodes accelerates access to frequently used files.

Ransomware Protection​

Ransomware Protection​

Create non-rewritable, non-erasable data to prevent files from being altered or deleted until a set retention date.

“Cloudian HyperStore File Services is the first solution we’ve seen that combines the file management features and rock-solid data durability we need with the scalability, simplicity, and value that will help us save significantly on CAPEX and OPEX.”

Sean McAdam
VP of Computer and Network Services at Element Fleet

Capabilities and Benefits​

Scale-Out Performance​​​

Multiple HyperStore File Services nodes can access a single namespace for scalable performance. Independently scale performance and capacity to meet your exact needs. ​


When a single cluster is shared by multiple groups or clients, multi-tenancy lets you assign separate namespaces to each group for isolation and segregated management. QoS at the storage level lets you guarantee performance to each group.​

Bimodal Access​

Access your file data directly, both on-prem and in the cloud. Store files to any S3 compatible storage then access them directly — without traversing HyperStore File Services nodes. Store files to AWS S3, for example, and access them from cloud-based applications. ​

Local Caching​​

Each HyperStore File Services node includes file caching to accelerate read/write performance. Select the appropriate cache size for your usage profile to optimize cost vs performance.​


HyperStore File Services Overview

View this demo and see how easy it is to configure HyperStore File Services. Create a limitlessly scalable storage environment with file management, plus cloud integration, and more. (4:20)



Virtual Machine​

Cloudian HyperStore File Services software is available as a virtual machine. See the datasheet for hardware requirements.

Cloudian Appliances​​

Cloudian HyperStore File Services appliances include pre-integrated software. The 1U devices include onboard caching to accelerate access to frequently used data.