Cloudian HyperBalance​

Intelligent, adaptive cross-node traffic management

Balances application data load for optimal storage performance​


Enterprises choose Cloudian HyperBalance for​

High Performance

Deliver maximum performance from the HyperStore parallel processing architecture

Increased Availability

Guaranteed uptime, file transfer integrity, consistent data access

Enhanced Scalability​

Increased storage capacity, easy cluster expansion, multi-data-center global implementation in one easy deployment

Greater Visibility

Single screen insight into networks, servers, and storage

Capabilities and Benefits​

Increased Availability​

Create a high availability (HA) architecture with up to 14 nines data durability and automated failover for an uninterrupted experience. ​

High Performance

Adaptive data management balances traffic load across storage nodes for maximum performance without restrictions. Handles exceptionally high throughput of multiple GBs/second with increased performance for every node added.


Put Cloudian storage wherever you need it, and then manage it all from a single location. HyperBalance optimizes application traffic with intelligent layer 7 routing both locally and globally across a geo-dispersed HyperStore cluster.

Secure Hybrid Cloud​

HyperBalance delineates the object storage from the networking infrastructure, turning HyperStore into a single IP address accessible by all endpoints as a private storage cloud. HyperBalance can also serve as a secure gateway between HyperStore and a public cloud or network.

Complete Visibility​

Monitor the health of a HyperBalance instance, including network statistics, and achieve reduced time to resolution. Fully integrated with Cloudian HyperIQ.

Enterprise Support​

With local support and professional services teams located around the globe, Cloudian is there 24×7 to ensure your success.

How Cloudian HyperBalance Works

HyperBalance helps you deliver the maximum performance and availability by evenly distributing workload across all Cloudian nodes. In a Cloudian HyperStore cluster, any storage node can respond to any incoming request. This allows system performance to grow as new nodes are added. HyperBalance delivers the full benefit of this parallel processing architecture by intelligently routing requests to nodes to ensure consistent response time.

We have been very impressed with the way that the HyperBalance solution has reacted to storage node failures during testing. The failover occurs so quickly that storage jobs don’t even know that an incident has occurred.”​​

-Mark Penny​
Systems Specialist (Infrastructure) at University of Leicester

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Scaling Object Storage with Adaptive Data Management

Building and managing any IT infrastructure at scale brings management challenges, as does a scale-out storage system. Any server cluster will only perform as well as the network connectivity provided.

Cloudian HyperStore provides exabyte levels of data storage capacity and massive scalability, based on a cluster architecture that can scale to 1000s of clustered nodes in a single namespace, with data access via the industry’s most compliant native AWS S3 API.

Manage large data volumes intelligently with Cloudian HyperBalance. HyperBalance, powered by technology from, delivers maximum performance from the HyperStore parallel processing architecture.

Deployment Options​​​

Cloudian HyperBalance can be deployed as either a software VM (10b connectivity, see datasheet for hardware requirements) or as an optimized hardware appliance with multiple connectivity options (50Gb or 100Gb network interfaces).

HyperBalance appliances are fully integrated with HyperBalance software (based on technology). Appliances are available with end-to-end support packages, including options for on-site support.