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Hotline Numbers for Severity 1 issues only

Please submit a new case in the customer portal prior to calling Severity 1 Support.

  • Toll-free from the U.S.: +1 800-992-4773
  • United Kingdom: +44 20 8068 0972
  • Netherlands: +31 20 808 3310
  • Italy: +39 010 890 7142
  • Australia: +61 (0)2 7251 1718
  • For Japanese language, 日本語サポート: +81 (0)50-1751-4571
  • U.S. Federal Customer Support: +1 703-755-7355

Enterprise Support

With local support and professional services teams located around the globe, Cloudian is there 24×7 to ensure your success.​

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Customer Portal

Our customer portal is a great tool for all of our users. It provides 24×7 access to Cloudian technical support and how-to guides. Create, manage, and track service requests or find solutions to known issues and frequently asked questions.

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Choose from 4 service levels:

From our standard support to HyperCare lights-out remote management


We remotely manage Cloudian for you 24×7.​

  • 24×7 infrastructure management​
  • Software update management​
  • Expansion support​


How can I help you?​​

  • 24×7 infrastructure management​
  • Support team member​
  • Live consult during business hours​​

Support Plus*

We guide you at every step.​​​​

  • 24×7 infrastructure management​
  • Software update assistance​​​
  • Best-practices guidance​​​​


How can we help you?​​​​​​

  • 24×7 support for high priority needs​​​
  • Rapid response for all other requests​​​​

*1 PB data required

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How Cloudian HyperCare Makes my Job as an MSP CTO Easier

In this 3-minute customer testimonial, Rob Abrams, CTO of South African Managed Service Provider (MSP), Sithabile, details his journey as a Cloudian customer and shares specifics on how Cloudian’s HyperCare Remote Managed Service has made his job easier and improved hybrid cloud data management and storage metrics for Sithabile and its customers and partners.

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