HyperStore File Services: Scale-Out File Services from Cloudian HyperStore

Cloudian® HyperStore® File Services delivers enterprise file services from HyperStore®, letting you consolidate unstructured data to a limitlessly scalable platform. Support Windows and Linux users and applications with SMB/NFS/FTP, plus Active Directory and LDAP integration.

HyperStore File Services Use Cases



Home Directory



Geological Survey

Home Directory

Support Windows and Linux users across large groups with scalable file services. Multi-controller support provides scalable performance. Implement either a global namespace for file sharing, or multiple name spaces for segregated access.

home directory

hyperfile compliance


For regulatory compliance, create non-rewritable, non-erasable data by employing the Object Lock (WORM) feature available with HyperStore. Prevent files from being altered or deleted until a predetermined retention date. Multi-tenancy capabilities let you create WORM enabled storage within a shared environment.

Video Surveillance

Integrate with video surveillance solutions to provide long-term storage of video data. Maintain records on-site, meet retention requirements, and quickly access data when needed with limitlessly scalable, cost-effective storage.


hyperfile disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery

Deploy Cloudian HyperStore clusters at two locations for DR purposes. Integrated data management features let you replicate data between the two sites, with the consistency level you choose. HyperFile snapshot capability lets you fail back to an earlier version of your file system. Deploy HyperFile NAS controllers at the remote location to provide local data access for failover servers.

Service Provider

Provide storage as a service with dedicated namespaces that ensure user segregation. Quality of service (QoS) controls let you enforce service level agreements within a shared storage environment. Deploy HyperStore File Services at remote locations for local file access with a shared, central repository for long-term storage. Individual HyperStore File Services nodes provide dedicated management.

hyperfile service provider

“Cloudian HyperStore File Services is the first solution we’ve seen that combines the file management features and rock-solid data durability we need with the scalability, simplicity, and value that will help us save significantly on CAPEX and OPEX.”

Sean McAdam, VP of Computer and Network Services at Element Fleet

“At one-third the cost of traditional file storage, Cloudian HyperStore File Services will help us simplify operations by consolidating data to a limitlessly-scalable, cost-effective platform that is fully compatible with our file-based applications.”

Robert Fletcher, Head of Infrastructure at Satellite Applications Catapult