Hybrid Cloud Solution Simplifies Data Protection

Commvault integrates seamlessly with Cloudian HyperStore to provide a fast, on-premises, limitlessly-scalable backup target. This is essential to accelerate and achieve critical RTO and RPO SLAs. Instead of having to restore large datasets from the cloud, Cloudian’s fast access is done in just minutes.

If an offsite copy is needed for DR, Cloudian can replicate data to the public cloud— Amazon S3, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and other S3-compatible services, with no additional software. This minimizes on-site costs while ensuring that a DR copy is maintained offsite. For secondary backup applications, Cloudian can also be used as a backup target at remote DR sites.

This solution combines a high-performance on-premises backup target and policy-based migration to the cloud for archive and disaster recovery.

Predictable Performance and Data Protection

Commvault delivers reliable backup and recovery across applications, platforms, and virtual environments. A single console unites the management and reporting of both on-premises and cloud information to provide additional operating efficiencies and simplified administration.

Commvault offers seamless integration with Cloudian HyperStore straight out of the box without additional software. With integrated cloud storage connectors that enable backup to Cloudian as simply as backup to the cloud, Cloudian offers the performance and predictability you need to ensure that backup jobs complete on time.

To economize on storage capacity, Cloudian offers multiple compression algorithms that compress objects on the storage side.

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  • Difficult to meet RTO/RPO objectives
  • Restore from cloud can take days
  • Backup jobs exceeding window
  • Exploding growth of data
  • High cost of backup appliances
  • Offsite backup or DR adds significant cost and/or logistical issues
  • Hybrid cloud backup and archive
  • Secondary backup target
  • The most secure on-prem object storage
  • Available as SDS or appliance, HDD or All-Flash
  • HyperIQ observability and analytics across your entire Cloudian environment
  • Limitlessly scalable storage
  • Unified view and control of data, across locations
  • Policy-based tiering to public cloud
  • Costs under $.01 per GB per mo, including support
  • Flexible data protection options with erasure coding and replication
  • Metadata tagging for intelligent search and analytics
  • Simplified management with a single global namespace across all locations
  • Backup physical and virtual environments
  • Recover VMs across hypervisors and cloud platforms
  • Single architecture across all locations

Lock Ransomware Out, Keep Data Safe with Commvault & Cloudian

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Secondary Backup/DR Target

If your requirements only include offsite storage for DR, Cloudian can act as a remotely located target. To the Commvault software, Cloudian appears as cloud storage. This provides a cost-effective disk-based solution for data that must remain under your control for compliance or data governance reasons. With built-in connectivity via the S3 API, Cloudian integrates as easily as connecting to the public cloud.

Multiple Offsite Storage Options

For archive and DR storage, Cloudian enables multiple options. Policy-based tiering to the cloud lets you automatically migrate data to any S3-compatible public cloud storage for disaster recovery and long-term archive. Cloudian also offers data replication among distributed nodes. By locating nodes at geographically separated regions or data centers, you can automatically maintain complete data sets at remote locations. Data protection is configurable at a granular level, letting you optimize storage configurations for different applications or data types using erasure coding and replication options.

University of Leicester Adopts Cloudian S3-Compatible Storage and Commvault for Backup

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Entrusted with protecting the data of nearly 30,000 users, the University of Leicester realized their aging data servers posed a serious risk of downtime for their users. Recognizing this was not an option, the data center team jumped into action.

With Cloudian and Commvault, the University no longer has to worry about a single point of failure in its backup infrastructure. This means the team can refresh media servers when needed—including taking advantage of technology advances—with no disruption.

Other benefits include:

  • 50% space savings
  • Limitlessly scalable capacity
  • Simplified backup process
  • Significant cost savings

“We did a lot to try and break it. It wasn’t a problem at all. Everything just worked.”

— Mark Penny, Systems Specialist-Infrastructure, Leicester University

View the customer testimonial video.

cyberattack threat rankingRansomware Challenge:
More Data and New Threats

Your customers and their data are at an increased risk of ransomware attacks. Attacks have increased by 97% in the last two years. 75% of companies infected were running up-to-date endpoint protection. Don’t let your customers be the next victim. Learn more about ransomware attacks and how hardened, immutable storage with Object Lock protects against them.

Forrester analysts write:

“Implementing an immutable file system with underlying WORM storage will make the system watertight from a ransomware protection perspective.”

ransomware global threat
No organization is immune to ransomware.

Read this Forrester report, “Four Technologies Combine to Protect You From Ransomware Attacks,” and learn how you can prepare.

Lock Ransomware Out with a Cloudian + Commvault Solution

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Explore Ransomware Protection with Commvault


As ransomware continues to paralyze public and private institutions globally, Cloudian can provide you with a hardened and secure storage platform that offers in-built ransomware protection.

Cloudian HyperStore 7.2—seamlessly integrated with Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery—supports Object Lock, a defacto standard for implementing WORM, which allows backup data copies to be made tamperproof for a set period of time, preventing hacker encryption or deletion and ensuring a clean data copy for reliable recovery.

Other solution benefits include:

  • On-prem, disk-based storage for rapid data restore
  • Seamless Commvault integration
  • Industry’s lowest TCO (total cost of ownership) of any backup target

Get US Government-Certified Data Security with Cloudian Object Storage

Read the Cloudian HyperStore SEC17a-4 Cohasset Assessment Report

Cloudian HyperStore Object Lock Compliance Mode protects your organization’s data from ransomware attacks. HyperStore is hardened by the use of HyperStore Shell (HSH) and RootDisable, securing the solution at the system level, even disabling root access to make the solution impregnable. Similar solutions typically have porous root access leaving system-level breaches possible.

HyperStore 7.2 also meets securities industry requirements for preserving record objects in a non-rewriteable, non-erasable format until the specified retention period has expired and any associated legal holds have been released.

  • SEC Rule 17a-4(f)
  • FINRA Rule 4511
  • CFTC Rule 1.31(c)-(d)

Other protection techniques can be compromised, so learn how your institution can get a truly immutable ransomware protection solution.

Commvault Best Practices and Performance Tuning Guide

This document highlights key considerations for the deployment and performance tuning of the Cloudian HyperStore object storage system when used as a backup/archive storage target within a Commvault® 11 architecture. Detailed illustrations are included throughout to guide you through key deployment and tuning tasks.

Technical Demos

Creating a Commvault Cloud Library and DP Plan

This technical demo video shows how to set up a Commvault Cloud Library using Cloudian HyperStore Object Storage S3-Compatible Buckets.

Performing a Commvault Backup and Restore using a Cloudian Bucket

This technical demo video shows how to perform a Commvault client backup and have that backup go to a Cloudian HyperStore Object Storage S3 Bucket as the destination for that backup.