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Disk-based Backup and Archive

For data protection, your typical choices are disk-based appliances or tape. Cloudian® breaks the price-performance barrier with a disk-based backup target that is fast, simple, and cost-effective.

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Together, Rubrik and Cloudian simplify how enterprises manage backup and long-term data retention. Cloudian HyperStore® is scale-out storage that provides cost-effective capacity expansion for the Rubrik system. Available as an appliance or as software, Cloudian HyperStore fully complements Rubrik capabilities with limitless capacity and non-disruptive scalability.


How to Configure IBM Spectrum 7.1.7 (TSM) with Cloudian HyperStore

Simplified and improved policy-based data protection.

  • Economics — monthly costs starting at 1/2 cent / GB
  • Simple deployment and management — across all locations
  • Limitless scalability — from terabytes to petabytes

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veritas email archiving

Eight Tips for Better Email Archives

Learn about the eight ways Cloudian object storage benefits email archiving with Veritas Enterprise Vault.

Veritas Enterprise Vault™ (EV) is the industry’s most widely deployed solution for archive and retention of massive amounts of business data. If you’ve been using another storage platform for archive, such as Dell EMC Centera, it’s time to consider migrating your critical business information to Cloudian.


Meet Your SLAs With High-Speed Access

Access data instantly with Cloudian’s disk-based storage, and achieve high-speed backup and restore with parallel data transfer (18TB per hour writes with 16 nodes). Meet your backup window and RPO/RTO objectives.

RTO RPO Data Protection

14 nines data protection

Safe and Secure

Configurable data protection lets you select the durability you need – up to 14 nines. Choose from on-site protection, or replicate across sites for disaster recovery purposes, all on one management screen with no additional software to buy.

Works with Your Software

Cloudian works with most popular backup solutions, and is proven in enterprise data centers worldwide. Deployments today include Rubrik, Commvault, Veritas, and Veeam.


Sithabile Deploys Cloudian HyperStore for Data Backup, Recovery, and Archiving

Cloudian replaces Scality-based solution, chosen ahead of IBM Cloud Object Storage, SwiftStack, and HPE.



Object Storage: Customer Insights and Best Practices


Object Storage vs. Block Storage: What’s the Difference?

commvault performance guide

Cloudian Backup Deployment and Performance Tuning Guide for Commvault

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