Data Protection Solutions | Cloudian Object Storage

Data Protection Solutions | Cloudian Object Storage

Break the price-performance barrier with an on-prem backup target.

Backup to Cloudian

Modern S3 Storage for Future-Proof Backup & Recovery


Cloudian S3-compatible  object storage offers a fast, secure, cost-effective backup target for your data protection solution:

  • SECURITY: The most security certifications of any on-prem object storage.
  • RANSOMWARE PROTECTION: S3 Object Lock provides government-certified data immutability.
  • SCALABILITY: Modular scalability without disruption.
  • SPEED: Achieve your RPO/RTO targets with fast on-prem backup and restore.
  • SAVINGS: Save up to 70% over public cloud or traditional storage.

Future-Proof Data Protection with Next-Gen S3 Storage

With the most advanced S3 compatibility of any independent object storage, you can store data from almost any backup provider with Cloudian.

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Back up Veeam direct-to-Cloudian object storage. Save up to 70%.

Why Go Direct-to-Cloudian

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  • Reduce risk and time with immutable, end-to-end data protection in a single step
  • Save up to 70% of your total costs vs. public cloud when you back up Direct-to-Cloudian
  • The proven best defense against ransomware with the fastest ransom-free recovery
  • The most security certifications of any on-prem object storage
  • The only S3-compatible storage that AWS uses with their Outposts Servers and Local Zones

Why Cloudian Is Best

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Simplify Backup, Lower Cost & Boost Ransomware Protection with Veeam v12 & Cloudian


Lock Out Ransomware

Cloudian S3 Object Lock makes your data unchangeable so it cannot be encrypted by ransomware. HyperStore is also hardened with HyperStore Shell (HSH) and RootDisable, which secure the solution at the system level, disabling root access to make the solution impregnable.

Integrated with data protection from Veeam or Commvault, the combination gives you the only on-prem ransomware solution that is tamperproof down to the system level with data immutability that’s SEC17a-4 certified.

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Veeam-Cloudian Ransomware Protection

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Ransomware Protection Buyer’s Guide

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Commvault-Cloudian Ransomware Protection

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Ransomware Protection with Immutability for Container Backups

Kasten by Veeam + Cloudian HyperStore

Enterprises are increasingly deploying Kubernetes-managed, containerized applications in full production, making it essential to protect these applications and their data. Through the new integration of Cloudian HyperStore with Kasten by Veeam, organizations can now have the same secure, scalable, enterprise-grade backup for their containerized apps as they already rely on for their traditional workloads.

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As a Kasten backup target, HyperStore provides modern, cloud-native storage with complete S3 compatibility, limitless scalability, and ransomware protection—on-premises for superior RPO/RTO or in a hybrid cloud—all at up to 70% less cost than traditional or public cloud storage.

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Protect Microsoft Office 365 Data

Microsoft Office 365 offers geo-redundancy, which protects your data from site or device failure. But it does not replace backup. With geo-redundancy alone, you have limited recovery options if your data is accidentally deleted or maliciously attacked. Protect your Office 365 data with Cloudian HyperStore and Veeam VBO v4. Veeam’s native support for the S3 API ensures seamless integration and trouble-free operation.

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Solution Brief: Simplify Data Protection with Cloudian and the VMware vSAN Data Persistence Platform

Protect your application data on VMware vSAN with Cloudian HyperStore providing a fast, on-premises, scalable backup target and ease of management.

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Replace Legacy Tape with Modern S3 Storage

The inability to access data, management complexity, lack of real-time data visibility, and increasing overall costs involved in maintaining and expanding aging tape libraries are prompting many businesses to explore other options.

This insider’s guide touches upon various aspects of modernizing your data center, starting with moving away from legacy, tape-based storage to other ransomware-safe alternatives like on-prem cloud storage, and the considerations and steps involved in such a move.

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Active Archive: NAS File-Tiering to Cloudian

60% or more of data on Tier 1 storage is either dormant or rarely used.
Object storage can dramatically reduce Tier 1 storage costs with zero impact on user data access.

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Cloudian & Komprise Cure Common Cold Storage Problem for NAS

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Save $ with NAS File-Tiering to Object Storage

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Tier from NAS to Cloudian or Public Cloud with NAS Direct Archive

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Future-Proof DR with Hybrid Cloud through Cloudian

Cloudian HyperStore is a truly distributed storage platform that offers customers unmatched data resiliency (up to 14 9s)
with the use of flexible replication factor and/or erasure coding data protection schemes.

Deployments can be distributed across multiple cross-region data centers and multiple public and private clouds,
which makes the solution ideal for disaster recovery.

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Go Hybrid Cloud
Cloudian HyperStore works much like (and with) Amazon Outpost, for much less cost.

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Disaster Recovery
Replicate to Cloudian at a remote site or to any public cloud.

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Public Cloud vs.
On-Prem Object Storage
Comparing total cost of ownership.

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Deployment Options

On-premises Backup Target


Back up data to an on-prem Cloudian storage cluster for fast RPO/RTO. Your data remains with your data center, behind your firewall. For DR purposes, you can also replicate the data to a second Cloudian cluster at a remote site using the integrated data management tools. There is no additional software to license or manage.

Hybrid Cloud

In a hybrid cloud configuration, you can back up data to a local Cloudian cluster, then use integrated tools to replicate that data to the cloud for DR purposes. This combines the immediate access of local storage with the off-site convenience of cloud. You get fast RPO/RTO without the cost and risk of relying on WAN connectivity for restore.

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