Immutable Archive with Cloudian HyperStore and Veritas Enterprise Vault

Archive with Improved Ransomware Protection, Retention, Access, and Search 

New compliance and regulatory requirements combined with specific needs for a more modern, cost effective, and more scalable archive makes archiving enterprise information such as email, legal and other corporate and regulated data a top business issue. This has become increasingly complex while managing archive data growth and maintaining access, security, and compliance. Organizations are faced with these new archive needs while contending with recent ransomware attacks from rogue agents trying to encrypt their data. Using an offsite archive storage with ransomware protection in mind used to be the answer, but it adds significant cost as well as logistical issues and increasing complexity to a Company’s storage plan. The need for an affordable, simple, scalable, accessible, and secure archive storage solution that can provide a logical air-gap has never been greater.

The Solution

Veritas Enterprise Vault is a purpose-built retention management platform that enables a diverse set of strategies to meet business and regulatory information retention requirements. Cloudian’s Veritas-certified HyperStore seamlessly integrates with Veritas Enterprise Vault providing a modern archive vault store solution that helps simplify archive storage. HyperStore’s industry-leading implementation of object-lock technology for data immutability has now been certified by Veritas for Enterprise Vault archives, adding ransomware protection with the logical air gapping that comes with S3 Object lock data immutability. Enterprise Vault has the ability to quickly ingest and index petabytes of relevant data into a centralized HyperStore archive, scaling to support large data volumes and better manage the rapid growth of increasingly diverse types of information. 

Veritas EV with ObjectLock

Limitlessly Scalable Data Archive Vault Store

Veritas-certified Cloudian® HyperStore is an on-prem enterprise object storage platform that seamlessly integrates with Veritas Enterprise Vault as a limitlessly scalable data archive store. Multi-cloud ready, HyperStore provides cost-effective capacity expansion with integrated data protection. 

Available as an appliance or as software, HyperStore provides policy-based intelligence while scaling seamlessly across locations, including public cloud, with centralized management for unified control and data visibility. 

Data Immutability for Ransomware Protection

HyperStore and Veritas Enterprise Vault support S3 Object Lock – the leading industry standard for data immutability in cloud storage platforms – for air-tight data immutability for a specific period. This enables customers to archive enterprise information such as email, legal and other corporate and regulated data for regulatory compliance and/or protection against the threat of ransomware. An Object Lock enabled workflow creates a tamper proof archive of your data for a set period of time which prevents hacker encryption or deletion and ensures integrity of the data when accessed and/or recalled. The resulting security feature is logically air-gapped solution and comparable to offline storage. HyperStore is also hardened using its HyperStore Shell (HSH) which locks the solution at the system level, disabling root access amongst other things and makes the solution impenetrable. 

Data Management Simplicity

HyperStore integrates seamlessly with your Veritas Enterprise Vault environment to enable simplified archive and management of a broad set of enterprise information including: email, legal and financial records, social media, call recordings, messaging and logs, as well as regulated and other types of data. The Enterprise Vault application connects to each of the relevant data sources, e.g., Exchange Mail, with HyperStore operating seamlessly with Enterprise Vault as either associated primary storage or archive storage. No change to the environment is needed, nor is any extra software installation or plug-ins required. Data storage management is simplified with granular, bucket- level storage policies. A single global namespace across multiple locations provides unified visibility and control. Additional costs savings accrue from establishing archive and retention policies at the outset that allow information to expire accordingly.

Data Security

To ensure data security of the archives, Cloudian HyperStore provides extensive security features that make it possible to deploy and operate cost-effective storage that adheres to compliance needs into the future. HyperStore has more security certifications than any other on-prem object storage.  Our DOD-level security certifications even make it possible to operate a secure AWS Outposts deployment. Capabilities include AES-256 server-side encryption for data stored at rest, SSL for data in transit (HTTPS), transparent key management, Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM), API and role-based access controls (RBAC), audit trail logging, secure shell with root disable, and last but certainly not least, S3 object lock to keep your data immutable against the threat of ransomware.

Data protection

Cloudian HyperStore provides up to 14 9’s of data durability for your archives. Customers can protect and distribute data using replication or erasure coding. Administrators can configure the number of replicas and/ or type of erasure coding scheme required to meet SLA and cost objectives. Storage policies also provide granular control of data placement across data centers, taking into consideration factors such as cost efficiency, security levels, and proximity.

Cloud-Like with Flexibility to Grow Modularly

HyperStore is a Veritas-certified, exabyte-scale Enterprise Vault storage platform, providing an elegant, cost-effective solution for your digital compliance archive. With unlimited scalability and unmatched storage density, HyperStore scales capacity non-disruptively. Designed to meet the need for large, secure, highly resilient and flexible storage infrastructure at a low cost, HyperStore allows enterprises to seamlessly store, move and protect their archives across locations —all at up to 70% less cost than traditional disk-based storage systems. 

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  • Plug-and-play archive vault store 
  • Certified to work with Object Lock for Data Immutability for a logically air-gapped online archive solution protected from ransomware
  • No change to existing applications or extra software needed
  • Automated tiering to public cloud
  • On prem/cloud (hybrid) storage with multi-cloud capabilities
  • Seamless visibility and control across multiple sites, including public cloud
  • Native S3-APIs with industry-leading compatibility
  • Military-grade security and regulatory compliance certifications
  • Reduction of storage costs by up to 70% vs legacy storage



Proven at over 700 enterprise customers worldwide—with nearly two exabytes of capacity under management, Cloudian Scored Highest for All Use Cases in the Gartner 2020 Critical Capabilities for Object Storage Report and was named a Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice in 2020, 2021, and 2022.