A single, limitlessly scalable storage pool

Public cloud storage provides simplicity and scalability. But what about the data that cannot go to the cloud?

Most organizations have some data that needs to be maintained on-site for performance or data governance reasons. For that data, Cloudian® provides a simple solution: A hybrid cloud with S3 object storage in your data center.


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Everything you love about the public cloud, on-premises

Cloudian in your data center is the on-premises equivalent of the public cloud. It uses the same APIs, offers the same limitless scalability, and is just as easy to use. A hybrid cloud lets you manage both public and private storage pools as one. Automated tiering lets you store information to Cloudian, then use policies to determine what data is migrated to the cloud and what remains on site. Migrate data based on file type, frequency of access, file size, or other parameters you choose.

You remain in control and manage both the on-premises and cloud storage as a single, limitlessly scalable storage pool. To enhance data accessibility, Cloudian maintains a copy of all metadata on-premises, so you can search all data in an instant and retrieve only the information you need.

And because Cloudian is a 100% native S3 API, it is fully interoperable with your S3-enabled applications. In fact, we guarantee it.

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