Cloud Storage in Your Data Center with S3-Native Object Storage

Make the most of your entire storage landscape. Optimize data placement — both in the cloud and on-prem — for securityperformance, capacity and cost. Cloudian’s cloud solutions make it easy to deploy cloud-native applications and manage your data anywhere (on-prem, private or public cloud), in a single, pay-as-you-grow S3 management framework, with built-in analytics and zero lock-in.

Cloudian HyperStore has the most comprehensive data immutability and security capabilities of any on-prem object storage, certified by third-party government assessment agencies, so you can reduce your ransomware worries right along with your costs.

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Span multiple on-prem geographies with a single storage environment. Locate storage where you need it, elastically scale your storage, and manage the global infrastructure from a single screen with HyperIQ, Cloudian’s observability and analytics tool. Cloudian’s distributed storage makes it simple whether your objective is…

  • local data access for distributed workgroups
  • data replication for DR
  • data striping across sites for enhanced data availability at less cost
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Public Cloud vs. On-Prem Object Storage: Comparing Total Cost of Ownership

Download this TCO Report to see how private cloud can save you up to 65% of your storage costs for backup and archive, media workflows, and other capacity-intensive applications while giving you the same scalability and flexibility within the security of your firewall. With Cloudian, you can manage all your clouds, private and public, from one S3-based framework.


Manage on-prem and cloud storage together with Cloudian. Cloudian HyperStore works much like (and with) Amazon Outposts, adding infinite on-prem capacity at a significantly lower cost.

  • Deploy on-prem storage as a high-performance, secure backup target, then automatically replicate that data to the public cloud for an offsite copy.
  • Create an on-prem data lake and automatically offload less frequently used data to the cloud for limitless scalability.
  • Automate data management within a single namespace that spans your public cloud and on-prem worlds, all in native S3 for no lock-in.
  • Buy just the storage you need, then pay-as-you-grow in a truly cloud-native business model.
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Scalable S3-Compatible Storage, On-Prem with AWS Outposts

Meet your data sovereignty, capacity, and latency needs with S3-compatible storage on-prem. Scale to exabytes of storage in your data center, directly accessible from your AWS Outposts-based applications.

5 Reasons to Adopt Hybrid Cloud Storage

Hybrid cloud is a storage environment that uses a mix of on-premises and public cloud services with data mobility between the two platforms.

As more organizations look to the public cloud to augment their on-premises data management, hybrid cloud is often the solution of choice, particularly when your private cloud is compliant with S3 API standards, allowing all of your clouds to talk to each other in their native tongue.

Read about the 5 reasons why hybrid cloud storage is rapidly being adopted by IT organizations worldwide.

Cloud Migration: Public Cloud to Hybrid Cloud

While most organizations still host their applications and data in a public cloud environment, there is a growing trend to move important data back to on-premises private cloud solutions due to securityperformance, and cost considerations. Designing, implementing and migrating to a Hybrid Cloud strategy can be complicated by issues like compatibility and business continuity, so you need to have an effective strategy in place.


Using multiple public clouds gives you more options, but also adds complexity. Consolidate your storage management across public and private clouds with Cloudian’s multi-cloud management. Access data in all clouds with standard S3 API and move data among clouds using one management framework. To eliminate lock-in, data is always stored in the native format of each cloud, whether it’s AWS, GCP or Azure. Same application, same data working seamlessly across multiple clouds.

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Cloudian HyperStore Multi-Cloud Technical Guide

Download this in-depth, 40-page technical whitepaper to learn how Cloudian HyperStore® can help overcome the challenges of moving data back and forth between multi-cloud environments.


Develop your containerized applications on-prem and run them wherever you like, on-prem or in the cloud. Cloudian’s Kubernetes S3 Operator lets developers dynamically provision object storage on-prem, while multi-tenancy provides a self-serve, dedicated workspace. The S3 API ensures the portability you need to deploy apps and data anywhere.

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Go "Cloud-Native with Cloudian"

Kubernetes offers a highly-dynamic environment for modern applications. But it presents new challenges in deploying and managing persistent storage. Read this paper to gain insight into these potential obstacles and learn why S3-compatible private cloud storage offers real solutions to them.

Download this ESG paper to learn about:

  • The top 5 storage challenges for Kubernetes
  • Why S3-compatible storage enhances application portability
  • How a private cloud reduces costs and increases developer productivity
  • Key capabilities you should look for in choosing a storage platform


Managed Cloud Services is a healthy, thriving market. Organizations of all sizes are streamlining their operations by focusing their resources on the work they do best for their customers while partnering with service providers for the rest. Managed cloud providers offer more control over the data management and security needs as compared with the public cloud and are a credible option for organizations of all sizes looking at the Cloud.

As a result, the managed services market is becoming increasingly competitive and is expected to reach $257 billion by 2022. To succeed, MSPs must deliver a broad portfolio of sought-after services along with excellent customer service.

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The Economics of High-Value Cloud Services with High Margin Potential

Download this guide to learn how:

  • Storage-as-a-Service and Backup-as-a-Service are growing in popularity
  • Managed Service Providers benefit from this market opportunity
  • Cloudian HyperStore enables margin potential in excess of 50% for MSPs
  • Modular storage growth lets you start small and expand with demand

Get Started in Cloud Storage, Free!

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Utilize 50TB of Cloudian in your data center for a year for FREE and see how easy it is to build your own private cloud and pay as you grow your business with new cloud services opportunities.

Do you serve the healthcare industry? Get a 50TB usable capacity license (for one year), plus a free Object Lock license (a $15,000 value) for every healthcare provider you enroll.

Cloudian Scored Highest for All Use Cases in Gartner 2020 Critical Capabilities for Object Storage Report

  • Analytics (4.23)
  • Archiving (4.21)
  • Backup (4.20)
  • Cloud Storage (4.23)
  • Hybrid Cloud Storage (4.25)
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