On-prem Data Lake With Snowflake And Cloudian

On-prem Data Lake With Snowflake And Cloudian

Get Analytics with Public Cloud-like Scalability and Ease of Management in Your Data Center


Enterprises need to unify and integrate any type of data from many disparate sources within their organization in order to get business insights in a timely manner. Traditional analytics architecture based on specialized appliances creates silos, cannot scale, and gets expensive very quickly.

Modern analytics architecture, which is already available with public cloud-based SaaS offerings, overcomes many of these limitations by separating the scaling of compute and storage resources while still allowing for seamless communication and compatibility. However, many enterprises cannot move some or all of their data to the public cloud for regulatory, security, latency, or cost concerns, and are therefore looking to cloudify their on-prem data warehousing environment as a means to modernize or realize the benefits of a true hybrid cloud structure.

The Solution: Bring Your Snowflake Data Lake On-prem with Cloudian S3-compatible Storage

Snowflake enables governed access to near-infinite amounts of data so that enterprises can collaborate locally and globally to reveal new insights. Snowflake unifies and integrates any type of data from sources within your organization and integrates directly with Cloudian’s HyperStore to store your data. With native support for S3 API, Snowflake allows customers to connect and analyze data stored directly in HyperStore, bringing the capabilities of a cloud data warehouse architecture on-prem.

For analytics workloads that require on-prem data storage – to meet security, compliance, or cost demands – you now have a solution. Designed from its inception to be fully S3-compatible, Cloudian HyperStore offers limitlessly scalable storage that integrates seamlessly with Snowflake to deliver capacity wherever you need it. Deployed as an on-prem data lake storage solution, HyperStore provides the scalability and ease-of-management of a public cloud within an organization’s data center, offering enhanced performance along with full control over security and data sovereignty.

Snowflake on-prem data lake

On-prem Data Lake

Cloudian features a fully-native S3 API and a modular architecture designed to deliver a cloud-like management experience, whether deployed in your data center, at a service provider, or at the edge.

Together, Snowflake and Cloudian offer a robust data lakehouse solution with scalable storage, high data durability, and fast recovery times — at up to 70% less storage cost than traditional enterprise storage or public cloud storage.

Cloud-Like Storage

Cloudian gives you capacity on demand, making it ideal for data lakes of semi-structured or unstructured data. To expand, simply add nodes, either at one site or across multiple sites. Manage it all within a single namespace, from a single management console, and search metadata across all your sites with a single query. Cloudian’s hybrid cloud capabilities even let you create and manage a data copy within AWS S3, if desired.


Snowflake stand alone and on-prem public cloud


Meet Your Compliance Needs for Regulated Industries

With Cloudian, your data is all on-prem, behind your firewall. Ideal for regulated or sensitive data such as healthcare information or financial records, Cloudian lets you meet your data sovereignty needs. Cloudian’s all-flash or HDD-based appliances deliver the fast, low-latency data access your applications require.

Exceptional Data Security

Cloudian HyperStore is certified compliant with SEC Rule 17a-4(f), FINRA Rule 4511, and CFTC Rule 1.31(c)-(d). Available S3 Object Lock with root disable capability provides system level data immutability for compliance, governance, legal hold, or protection from ransomware. Other security capabilities include AES-256 server-side encryption for data at rest, SSL for data in transit (HTTPS), transparent key management, role-based access controls (RBAC), audit trail logging, and secure shell with root disable.

Built-In Data Durability

Advanced erasure coding and policy-based data replication give you the data robustness you need. Get protection from device failure or even whole-site failure with up to 14 nines data durability. Because data protection is integrated, no additional software or management tasks are required.

Easy to Deploy

A modular architecture lets you start small and grow to exabytes without interruption. Choose Cloudian appliances for plug-and-play installation. Or deploy Cloudian software-defined-storage on the industry-standard servers of your choice. Cloudian addresses the increasing interest from customers in running analytics applications on data in-place while providing separation of compute and storage scaling.

Easy to Manage

The Cloudian HyperIQ observability and analytics platform lets you monitor user behavior, system health, and network performance cluster-wide. Proactively identify trouble spots and monitor data access for compliance, all from a single screen.

Shared Storage Environment with Billing and Multi-tenancy

Advanced identity and access management features allow system administrators to provision and manage groups and users, define specific classes of service, and configure billing and charge-back policies. This enables a fully multi-tenant deployment with Cloudian supporting multiple groups across the organization.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Ready

Cloudian is an on-prem storage system that can also integrate directly with public cloud storage services for offsite DR, capacity expansion, or data analysis in the cloud. Employ policy-based tools to replicate or tier data to AWS, GCP, Azure, or to another Cloudian HyperStore cluster.

Cloud Economics — Up to 70% Less Cost Than Conventional Storage

Running on standard x86 hardware, Cloudian drives down the cost of on-prem, disk-based storage to ½¢/GB/month or less, including support.



  • Cloud-like – Modernize your data warehousing solution and get the flexibility of the cloud in your data center
  • Security – Access controls, audit logs, encryption for data at rest and in motion
  • Compliance – On-prem data storage enables adherence to regulatory compliance
  • Analytics – Metadata-based search and analytics capabilities
  • Data protection – Exceptional data durability for long-term data protection
  • Cloud economics – Less than ½ ¢/GB/month

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