Scalable storage for media

The broadcast and media industries need bulk storage. While disk-based “nearline” storage solutions are often the preferred media repository for broadcasters, studios, advertising agencies, and post-production companies, new formats, such as 4K, 360 degree and 60 frame video introduce new storage challenges. As capacity requirements grow exponentially, traditional solutions become cost-prohibitive and insufficiently scalable.

Proven with popular Media Asset Managers

Cloudian HyperStore 100% native S3 solution provides petabyte-scale on-premises storage at an affordable cost. And it is compatible with popular media asset manager software such as Critique, ReachEngine, Primestream, Evolphin, Vidispine, Dalet, and VizOne.

With replication and lifecycle tiering to the Amazon S3 cloud, you get essentially limitless capacity on demand.  Assets in the Amazon cloud can be utilized by AWS Cloudfront for CDN distribution, or monetized with services like Wazee, or media farmed with Amazon Elastic Transcoder. Tiered assets can also be stored economically and protected indefinitely with Glacier Vault Lock with WORM compliance.

Cloudian offers a simple, cost effective solution for scalable media storage.

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