Media Active Archive with Disk Performance at Near-Tape Costs

Your active archive is a vital part of your media asset management workflow. You need scalable and cost-effective capacity to accommodate formats such as 4K, 8K, and VR/360. And you need media to be instantly available to keep up with time-pressured schedules. Cloudian® meets this challenge with a cost-effective, disk-based active archive.

object storage for media workflows


Vox Media Turns to Cloudian Hyperstore to Meet Growing Archive Demand

Company automates archive process and eliminates steps to accelerate workflow by 10X

Vox Media creates digital content that caters to technology, sports, and video game enthusiasts. At any given time, the firm has multiple active projects, including videos, podcasts, and other digital content across multiple sites. Together, these digital projects drive demand for multiple petabytes of data storage and effective media asset management.


WGBH Boston

A Hybrid Cloud Media Active Archive

Public media powerhouse WGBH Boston produces more than 50% of all PBS programming. Until recently, video assets were archived on tape, and portable drives were on everyone’s desk. With Cloudian, WGBH now has a disk-based active archive on-premises, and a secure remote location for disaster recovery. All on disk and immediately available to producers and editing teams.


Cloudian Enterprise Storage for Media Workflows

Learn how Cloudian is transforming the Media & Entertainment industry by providing customers with limitless capacity, automated data protection, and cloud integration for Artificial Intelligence and machine learning-based media enrichment.

This demo shows Cloudian HyperStore’s extensive metadata capabilities that provide fast, Google-like search and powerful data analytics for effective media asset management.

Limitlessly Scalable

Meet the needs of capacity-intensive formats with seamless scalability — from terabytes to an exabyte. Start small and expand on demand. Grow from a few nodes to a few hundred without disruption. Performance scales linearly, too.

tape vs object storage

70% Less Cost

No more trading off cost vs performance. Cloudian gives you high-performance at cloud-like prices, down to 0.5 cents per GB per month, in your own data center.

Learn more by downloading a TCO report that compares object storage to tape for media active archives.

Works with Your Software

Cloudian works with most popular media asset managers, and it’s proven in broadcast, post-production, and OTT content distribution sites worldwide.


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Try Cloudian HyperStore for 45 days and get 100TB of free storage during the trial.