Active Archive Solutions for 100X Faster Access, 70% Less Cost

The broadcast and media industries need high-capacity storage. While traditional SAN and NAS storage systems often fill this role, new formats such as 4K, 360 degree, and 60 frame video introduce greater storage challenges. As capacity requirements grow exponentially, traditional solutions become costprohibitive and insufficiently scalable.

Scalable Active Archive

Cloudian provides an alternative: petabyte-scalable, disk-based storage at costs comparable with public cloud  storage. Get fast data access — 100X faster than tape — at costs as low as ½ cent per GB per month.

Cloudian is high-capacity storage in your data center. Built from nodes, like bricks in a building, Cloudian lets you start small and seamlessly scale to petabytes, without interruption or downtime. Ideal for your growing active archive, a Cloudian storage cluster grows with your needs — just add more storage nodes.

For robustness and always-on data access, Cloudian lets you distribute data across nodes, ensuring built-in data durability. Even if a node fails, you can always access your media.


object storage workflow for media

Collaboration and DR Built-In

Cloudian nodes can be distributed across multiple geographic locations, too, with media copies at each location. This built-in capability is perfect for content collaboration when movie producers, broadcasters and postproduction services are geographically dispersed. It also provides for disaster recovery options; simply replicate your media to a second location.

Compatible with Popular MAMs

Cloudian uses the industry-standard S3 interface, the same interface employed by the largest cloud storage platforms such as Amazon S3. So Cloudian is compatible with all popular media asset manager software that support cloud storage. Examples include Evertz,  Primestream, Evolphin, Viz One, Empress eMAM, Vidispine, and VSNExplorer.

Performance to Keep You on Schedule

With fast, disk-based storage, you can access your media in milliseconds, not minutes. Speedy throughput means large files move fast, with data rates in the gigabytes per second. And, Cloudian nodes all work together, in parallel, so performance grows as you add more capacity. No performance bottlenecks.

Works with Cloud Storage to Make It Faster and Easier

Cloudian also offers data tiering to the public cloud. Combine your onpremises storage and public cloud storage (such as Amazon S3) into a single management pool. This gives you the fast access of local storage and the limitless capacity of cloud, together in one pool. Plus, your cloudlocated assets are immediately available to cloud-based applications such as Cloudfront, Wazee, or Amazon Elastic Transcoder. Tiered assets can also be stored economically and protected indefinitely with Glacier Vault Lock with WORM compliance.

Rich Metadata Tagging

Cloudian Hyperstore supports rich metadata tagging to store user-defined metadata with your media data. Store information such as scene content, sound clip descriptions, or image subject. This allows content creators to capture important attributes about the file and enable rapid media search.

Reclaim 60% of your Tier 1 Storage

60% of Tier 1 storage is typically consumed with inactive files that consume space and cost you money. Cloudian, together with file management software, lets you reclaim that space by migrating old or dormant information to Cloudian storage. Get NAS capacity back without disruption. Your users will see no change in access; you will see new capacity at far less cost.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Scales from TBs to PBs without disruption
  • Costs down to ½ cent per GB/month
  • 100X faster data access than tape
  • Cross-region replication for DR and collaboration
  • Rich metadata tagging
  • Compatible with media software that supports cloud storage
  • Multi-part upload for reliable, large file transfer
  • Multi-cloud integration