Unlock your Data Analytics with the Teradata Vantage Platform and Cloudian HyperStore

Unlock your Data Analytics with the Teradata Vantage Platform and Cloudian HyperStore

Modern data analytics for a hybrid/multi-cloud world


Enterprises need to unify and integrate any type of data from many disparate sources within their organization in order to get business insights in a timely manner. Traditional analytics architecture based on specialized appliances creates silos, cannot scale, and gets expensive very quickly. Modern analytics architecture, which is already available with public cloud-based SaaS offerings, overcomes many of these limitations by separating the scaling of compute and storage resources while still allowing for seamless communication and compatibility. However, many enterprises cannot move some or all of their data to the public cloud for regulatory, security, latency, or cost concerns, and are therefore looking to cloudify their on-prem data warehousing environment as a means to modernize or realize the benefits of a true hybrid cloud structure.

The Solution

Teradata’s Vantage platform is the connected multi-cloud data platform for enterprise analytics that enables customers to use any tool, any language, and all their data to deliver answers that matter. Vantage unifies and integrates any type of data from sources within your organization and integrates directly with Cloudian’s HyperStore to store your data. With native support for S3 API, Vantage allows customers to connect and analyze data stored directly in HyperStore bringing the capabilities of a cloud data warehouse architecture on-prem.

HyperStore an enterprise-grade object storage platform, which provides a cost-effective, on-premises solution for data warehouse environments. Available as software-defined storage or as an appliance, HyperStore is designed to meet the need for large, secure, highly resilient, flexible storage environments, and allows enterprises to seamlessly store, move, and protect files across locations —all at up to 70% less cost than traditional disk-based storage systems.

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Solution Advantages

Drop-in Integration

Teradata’s Vantage platform integrates seamlessly with Cloudian HyperStore, the
industry-leading on-prem S3 storage system, using S3 API, the de-facto industry
standard for cloud storage. Together the solution of Teradata and Cloudian provides
customers with a robust data lakehouse solution with scalable storage and high
data durability.

Exabyte Scalability for Analytics-in-Place

Cloudian’s HyperStore is a scale-out object storage system, providing fast and costeffective storage for creating data lakes that can scale to accommodate data from
all sources. The integration with the on-prem Vantage platform allows customers to
analyze all of their semi-structure or unstructured data directly in HyperStore without
the need for expensive data moves.

Data Durability

Data lakes built on Cloudian HyperStore provide 14 nines of durability. HyperStore
supports storage policies (administrator selectable) for implementing data durability
based on Replication (RF) or Erasure Coding (EC). Administrators can configure the
number of replicas or type of erasure code schemes required to meet SLA and cost
objectives. Storage policies also provide granular control of data placement across
data centers, taking into consideration factors such as cost efficiency, security levels,
and proximity.


This HyperStore solution provides the most extensive security features available in
on-prem object storage, making it possible to deploy and operate a cost-effective
data lake that keeps customers’ data extremely protected. These features include,
data encryption and transparent key management, AES-256 server-side encryption for
data stored at rest, SSL for data in transit (HTTPS), role-based access controls with
specified levels of access, audit trail logging, WORM (Write Once Read Multiple) for
storage of immutable data, and more.

Hybrid Cloud Enabled

The solution integrates directly with public cloud storage services via the industry’s
highest native S3-compliance for on-prem object storage. Policy-based tools can be
used to replicate or tier data to AWS, GCP, Azure, or another HyperStore cluster for
offsite DR, capacity expansion, or data analysis in the cloud.


The solution allows multiple users to analyze data sitting on a single, shared data lake
infrastructure without compromising security. HyperStore gives role-based access to
system and group administrators and to end users. Users can select and provision
storage services on-demand from a service catalog. Billing, metering and QOS are
built into the HyperStore platform to enable a full multi-tenant deployment

Cloud Economics

Up to 70% less cost than conventional storage running on standard x86 hardware,
Cloudian drives down the cost of on-prem, disk-based storage to ½¢/GB/month or
less, including support.

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  • Enterprise-grade on-prem object storage platform that scales limitlessly
  • Integrated Data Management and Scalable Analytics
  • Advanced workload management tools
  • Analytics – Metadata-based search and analytics capabilities
  • Native S3-APIs with industry-leading compatibility
  • Supports all common data types or sources
  • Military-grade security and regulatory compliance certifications
  • Hybrid and multi-cloud ready, integrates directly into AWS, GCP, or Azure platforms
  • Single platform for all applications with 70% savings


  • Data Analytics
  • Data Protection
  • Disaster Recovery
  • HDFS offload

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