Cloudian Cool App: Web Photobook

We recently held a “Cool Apps” contest to see how our talented Cloudian team might use object storage in creative ways. The goal was to create apps that are simple and interesting. Cloudian object storage is the ideal platform for this: our S3 API has many dev tools available, and the storage device itself canRead More »

New HyperStore 4000: Highest density storage, cloud-like prices

Rack space and budget. Most data centers are short on both. Yet somehow, you’re expected to accommodate a 50% increase in unstructured data volume annually. That’s a problem. The new solution is the HyperStore 4000. With 700TB in just 4U of rack height, it’s nearly 2X the density of our earlier models. And it deliversRead More »

What is Object Storage and Why Should You Care?

Object storage is still fairly new, when compared with more traditional storage systems such as file or block storage. So, what is object storage, exactly? You can think of it as a form of unstructured data storage that eliminates the scaling limitations of traditional file storage. Unlike the addressing hierarchy used with traditional file storage,Read More »

Cloudian Customer Receives Commvault Innovation Award for Data Protection with Object Storage

A Cloudian customer, Schuberg Philis, has been recognized by Commvault for their innovation in a data protection deployment with Cloudian object storage. Several aspects of this award-winning solution illustrate advancements that make backup a very exciting topic right now: Object storage as a target: On-premises S3-compatible storage is the backup target in this solution BackupRead More »

Scale-Up vs. Scale-Out Storage: What’s the Difference?

Storage capacity is the most fundamental criteria of a storage device. The second most fundamental storage criteria is what happens when you need to add capacity. The prospect of adding capacity keeps storage managers up at night. When you run out of capacity, your options may be as simple as adding a new shelf ofRead More »

Object Storage News in Brief: January 20

There’s a common thread in recent articles: object storage and hybrid cloud will be a BIG deal in 2017. We’ve curated some recent articles that delve into these topics, and related topics including private cloud and tiering to the public cloud.   Hybrid Cloud Will Be a Battlefield & Other Cloud Predictions While Amazon WebRead More »