In a unified data management environment, the integration of Cloudian and Dremio offers organizations a robust solution for self-service analytics with a cloud-scale data lake.

Dremio’s Unified Lakehouse Platform enhances data analysts’ ability to perform exploratory analysis and visualization, providing swift query responses. It streamlines the workflow for data engineers by allowing in-place data management within the data lake.

Cloudian complements Dremio by serving as a scalable on-premises data lake. The Cloudian HyperStore platform is S3-compatible, adept at handling large volumes of unstructured data, and integrates seamlessly with Dremio, ensuring a secure and infinitely scalable multi-tenant data lake. Cloudian and Dremio together deliver a data management solution that marries the ease and agility of cloud services with the tactical advantage of on-premises deployment.

Independently Scale Storage and Compute

Scaling is an inherent challenge in data management. This solution allows for the independent scaling of compute and storage resources, meaning that organizations can adjust their infrastructure according to their current needs. As data demands grow, Cloudian’s solution flexibly accommodates these changes, optimizing both cost and performance.

Simple Integration

Dremio employs the S3 API, making Cloudian Integration seamless thanks to Cloudian’s S3-native architecture. Unlike other object storage platforms, Cloudian is S3 API-native, meaning that no translation layer is employed, ensuring a frictionless integration experience. This also means that the solution is future- proof and adaptable to enhancements and improvements in cloud technologies.

dremio cloudian

Cost Effective

In large-scale data management endeavors, controlling cost is paramount. By processing and analyzing data on-site, organizations can reduce expenses associated with data transfer and storage in the cloud. Cloudian solutions provide scalable storage at costs down to 0.5¢ per GB per month.

Data Sovereignty

Regulatory compliance and data sovereignty concerns are increasingly at the forefront of operational considerations, especially for organizations handling sensitive or personal data across borders. An on-premises deployment of Dremio with Cloudian allows companies to maintain control over their data, ensuring compliance with local regulations and data protection laws.

High Uptime and Low Latency

Cloudian deliver on-prem access to data, a critical advantage that helps ensure the continuous data availability that is vital for businesses requiring high uptime. The close proximity of data and applications also reduces latency and enhances performance, enabling faster access and processing—key factors in maintaining operational efficiency.

Reduced Data Migration

Lastly, this solution addresses data gravity concerns by minimizing data migration efforts. Instead of moving large data sets to where applications reside, which can be time-consuming and costly, applications are brought to the data. This proximity allows for more immediate and efficient data processing and eliminates the risks and costs associated with data transport.


The combination of Cloudian and Dremio provides an environment where data is as agile and accessible as it is in the cloud, yet as secure and compliant as demanded by on-premises standards. This dual advantage positions organizations to leverage their data assets more effectively and responsively, driving insights and value across the enterprise.

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  • Cloud-like simplicity in an on-premises solution
  • Independent scaling of compute and storage resources
  • Seamless solution integration
  • Cost-effective solution for large-scale data management
  • Compliance with data sovereignty and regulatory requirements
  • Local data access ensures continuous uptime
  • Reduces data migration requirements by bringing applications to the data


  • Data analytics in place
  • Data protection for data warehousing
  • Hadoop offload
  • Active-Active data lakehouse DR