Solutions for AI

Solutions for AI

Cloudian’s AI data lake offers limitless scalability, full S3 API compatibility, multi-tenancy and military-grade security, making it ideal for AI workloads that require secure access to vast amounts of data.

AI Data Lake for Your AI Workflows

Cloudian’s AI data lake harnesses the power of hyperscale object storage to simplify management and elevate the performance of your AI workflows. Compatible with a wide range of tools such as PyTorch, TensorFlow, Kafka, Arrow and more, Cloudian integrates seamlessly with your AI workflows.

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Industry’s Most S3-Compatible Platform

Most AI/ML tools employ the S3 API. To ensure trouble-free execution with those tools and with other S3-compliant software, you’ll want a platform with the highest S3 API compatibility. Cloudian HyperStore is the only enterprise platform that was built from the ground up specifically for the S3 API. The AWS SDK is our SDK. Cloudian is the answer for native S3 API connectivity.

Multi-Tenancy for a Securely Sharable Platform

With Cloudian, multiple machine learning workflows can securely share a storage platform without the risk of compromised data. Multi-tenancy provides fully separate namespaces within a shared data lake to maximize efficiency and reduce storage costs. Access controls ensure full data security.

Exabyte Scalability

Manage and leverage massive volumes of unstructured AI training data and models with ease. Cloudian HyperStore excels in handling unstructured data, offering exabyte-scale capacity and high concurrency. Whether you’re building AI pipelines for stream or batch processing, Cloudian HyperStore provides the scalability and performance required to derive valuable insights from your unstructured data.

Military-grade Security

Protect your valuable AI data assets with Cloudian’s robust security features. With data encryption, Secure Shell for intrusion protection, Object Lock to defend against ransomware, and the most complete array of security certifications found in object storage, you can trust in Cloudian’s military-grade security knowing that your critical AI data is safe and secure.

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