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Save on Backup Storage: Send Data from Rubrik to Cloudian

Scale-Out S3 Storage for Future-Proof Data Protection

Rubrik allows IT to easily automate backup, replication, and archive to Cloudian HyperStore by using its policy-based engine. No additional software installation or plugins are needed to connect Rubrik with Cloudian. Rubrik sends deduplicated data to Cloudian, reducing storage costs. If an offsite copy is required for DR, use Cloudian’s policy-based replication to AWS, Google, and Microsoft clouds. Cloudian connects directly to all three, with no middleware or additional software.

Available as an appliance or as software, Cloudian HyperStore is a simple, scalable, and cost-effective S3-based storage target for Rubrik backup. Cloudian disk-based storage provides an on-prem target for your backup data to accelerate RTO and RPO. At up to 70% less cost than public cloud, and with greater performance—data restore in seconds to minutes, not hours to days—Cloudian completes your Rubrik solution.


  • Proven, plug-and-play, exabyte-scalable Rubrik backup target
  • Costs under $.01 per GB per month, including support
  • Policy-based tiering to AWS, Google, Microsoft
  • Most S3-compatible on-prem object storage
  • Fast, local access to data

How the Rubrik + Cloudian Data Protection Solution Can Work for You

Cloudian serves as an on-premises backup, replication, and archival target for Rubrik backup processes. If you wish to move data offsite, policy-based tiering to the public cloud provides a simple disaster recovery option.

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CASE STUDY: Cloudian Provides Utah State Agencies with Rubrik-Compatible Backup Target, Cuts Costs by 75%

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Both government agencies and large enterprises must manage rapidly expanding data volumes within a fixed budget—a challenge that legacy platforms simply cannot meet.

Faced with the need for more scalable storage for its Rubrik data protection solution, the State of Utah Department of Technology Services deployed Cloudian storage appliances, resulting in 75% cost savings over traditional SAN/NAS and improved storage efficiency.

Cloudian and Rubrik together provide innovation that helps the State of Utah deliver a triple win:
1. Increased service levels
2. Greater data availability
3. Reduced operating costs

Managed Service Providers Trust Rubrik + Cloudian

With high S3-compatibility, multi-tenancy, and simple management, Cloudian is a strong foundation for Storage-as-a-Service, Backup-as-a-Service, and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service offerings.

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“We wanted to spend less time managing our storage and more time helping our customers be innovative in the cloud. Cloudian fit the bill for us because of its multi-tenant capabilities, proven S3 API compatibility and out-of-the-box HTML user portal.”

Allen Hall
Director of Cloud Engineering

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“We selected Cloudian because we needed an object-based storage solution that works with Rubrik and can also enable our S3 storage as a service offering. Cloudian demonstrated excellent ease-of-use and S3 compatibility. It complements our Rubrik deployment perfectly, delivering the cost and compatibility we need to ensure a high-value backup service with rock-solid reliability.”

Rob Mackle
Director and Co-Founder
Assured DP

Rubrik NAS Direct Archive to Cloudian

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Need to eliminate the complexity of legacy enterprise backup and disaster recovery?

Simplify, scale, and save with Rubrik Next-Gen NAS Data Management and Archive.

Rubrik collapses backup software, catalogs, replication, and deduplicated storage into a single appliance that scales linearly. Protect large NAS environments using Rubrik’s NAS Direct Archive with Cloudian HyperStore as the designated on-prem archival storage target and optional tiering to a public cloud.

With NAS Direct Archive, only file metadata is stored on Rubrik, with files sent directly to Cloudian, allowing you to:

  • Converge and simplify legacy infrastructure
  • Unlock significant savings when managing large-scale environments
  • Ensure alignment of different workloads with unique SLAs

7 Reasons Why Cloudian + Rubrik is the Right Solution to Manage and Protect Healthcare Data and Applications

Are you looking for ways to safeguard the valuable healthcare data that is the lifeblood of your organization?

Are you concerned about data security, privacy, and immutability to overcome malware threats like ransomware?

Do you like the flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness that public cloud offers but need a solution that stays within the data center and has the potential to tier to the cloud as required?

The solution that you are looking for already exists.

Download this paper to read about the seven reasons why healthcare IT chooses Rubrik and Cloudian for their data management needs.

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CASE STUDY: Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg (East Limburg Hospital System)

“Thanks to the solution, the engineers, who in the past worked on changing tapes and checking the backups, have time to work out other projects.”

Kurt Gielen
ICT Operations Manager, ZOL

Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg (ZOL) is a dynamic, non-university hospital with 811 beds. Activities are spread over 3 campuses: campus Sint-Jan in Genk, campus Sint-Barbara in Lanaken and the Medical Center André Dumont in Waterschei.

Orange Cyberdefense, the hospital’s partner for their core network and security solutions, developed a 2-part backup solution with simple, policy-driven Rubrik backups stored on hyper-scalable Cloudian S3 object storage. This combined solution allows the hospital to scale infinitely and securely.


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