Rubrik NAS Cloud Direct – Backup and Archive to Cloudian

Rubrik NAS Cloud Direct – Backup and Archive to Cloudian

Simplify, Scale and Cost Reduce Your NAS Backup and Archive Challenges with Rubrik NAS Cloud Direct and Cloudian HyperStore

Cloudian and Rubrik are simplifying enterprise data protection with a best-in- class backup and archival solution that combines Rubrik’s NAS Cloud Direct and Cloudian HyperStore. This simple and high value solution makes it easy to manage and migrate massive amounts of NAS data to Cloudian storage without impacting production environments. Cost-effective and highly scalable, this solution delivers new levels of operational efficiency and flexibility to solve challenges for large-scale NAS data management.


Cloudian serves as an intelligent, on-premises storage backup and archival target for Rubrik NAS Cloud Direct processes. Rubrik and Cloudian seamlessly integrate to provide a single data management fabric with automated, policy-based protection. Cloudian provides on-prem backup, replication, and archival storage for Rubrik data management processes.

The Challenge

Global enterprises are facing an increasing torrent of digital-rich data including media files such as animations, videos and design files; healthcare data and medical imaging; oil & gas data, and other types unstructured and structured file data. Managing this data growth and protection is increasingly complex due to legacy architecture.

The need for an affordable, simple and effective approach to data life cycle and storage management at scale has never been greater. Enterprise organizations must be able to store massive amounts of data while also ensuring that data moving across data centers and to the cloud is simple, seamless, and secure.

Next-Gen NAS Data Management and Protection

Rubrik eliminates NAS backup and archive complexity by simplifying data management. Enterprises can protect their large NAS environments using Rubrik’s NAS Cloud Direct, a software only product with a direct-to-object capability, combined with Cloudian HyperStore as on-prem backup & archival storage. This solution provides new efficiencies and savings while ensuring alignment of different workloads with associated business SLAs.

Cloudian as the NAS Data Backup & Archive

Cloudian HyperStore is scale-out, enterprise object storage that provides cost- effective capacity expansion with integrated data protection. Available as an appliance or as software, Cloudian HyperStore seamlessly integrates with Rubrik NAS Cloud Direct as an intelligent backup & archive storage target. HyperStore provides fine-grained policy-based data protection to ensure associated service levels . Multi-cloud ready, HyperStore can tier and replicate to public cloud for disaster recovery and additional data protection. It also offers custom metadata tagging for intelligent search and analytics.

Customizable Solution

Combining Rubrik NAS Cloud Direct with Cloudian HyperStore allows users to store their NAS backup and archive data in one or multiple geographically separated regions or data centers. Enterprises can extend and scale their NAS capacity as needed, non-disruptively, keeping storage costs to a minimum.

With just a few clicks, enterprises can tune data protection levels to meet specific business SLAs via HyperStore and NAS Cloud Direct policies. HyperStore policies allow different storage policies to be assigned on a granular basis, with data stored using replication and/or erasure coding.

Solution Use Cases

Versatile Tiering

Backup and archive inactive files from NAS environments to Cloudian for cost-effective long-term retention and compliance. For active production files with frequent changes, backup and archive to Cloudian to eliminate cloud egress and other costs and deliver faster recoveries. This enables cost-effective and versatile storage tiering to align different workloads with different business SLAs.

Cross-Platform Migration

Enterprises with large amounts of on-prem NAS systems are limited to managing their data with vendor-native solutions. Migrate your NAS data across vendors to avoid vendor lock-in and to lower TCO. Migrate directly to Cloudian for cross-platform migrations without impacting production environments.

Rubrik NAS Cloud Direct

NAS Cloud Direct offers powerful, easy-to-use data protection that delivers scalable enterprise backup and archive services for unstructured file and object data. With a proven record of simplifying data protection at scale, NAS Cloud Direct provides full integration with all major NAS platforms, and native support for all file-access protocols. NAS Cloud Direct also includes API integration with Dell EMC Isilon, NetApp FAS, and Pure Storage FlashBlade. Engineered to move data at line speed without impacting production workloads, compatible with every NAS architecture, and capable of managing billions of files, NAS Cloud Direct is built for the scale of the modern enterprise.

At any scale – from terabytes to petabytes of data and millions to billions of files – NAS Cloud Direct eliminates the complexity of tape solutions and the vendor lock-in of disk- to-disk backup solutions, all at a lower cost. NAS Cloud Direct simplifies data protection, anywhere and at scale, and removes entirely the need to manage hardware or software.

Rubrik NAS Cloud Direct – How it Works

NAS Cloud Direct is deployed as a virtual machine that can be up and protecting data from any local and remote NAS to Cloudian HyperStore, within minutes.

Cloudian HyperStore – Key Features and Benefits for NAS Cloud Direct

Cloudian offers a highly cost-effective, limitlessly scalable backup and archival store for your NAS Data. HyperStore enterprise-grade object storage provides non-disruptive capacity scaling, intuitive management tools, and scalable performance and can also be used for other storage use cases.

Uncompromising Data Protection

HyperStore provides unmatched data durability with the flexibility of employing replication and/or erasure coding where appropriate within and across multiple sites to achieve the required level of data durability.


HyperStore AES-256 encryption enables enterprises to easily encrypt data stored at rest. SSL encryption ensure data confidentiality for data in transit (HTTPS). Also, with S3 compatible ACLs, bucket policies, and IAM, administrators can better mange access to data.

Multi-Cloud Ready – Public Cloud Integration

Cloudian offers integration with all major public cloud services, including Amazon AWS, Google GCP, and Microsoft Azure. Use policy-based tiering to either migrate or replicate data from Cloudian. View both public cloud data and local data on a single screen.

Save 70% vs. Conventional Storage

At costs down to 1⁄2 cent per GB per month, HyperStore’s efficient architecture and industry-standard components save you up to 70% on CAPEX. Massive scalability and lights-out management result in 95% less overhead. And you’ll save on rack space as well with storage density up to 1.5PB in just 4U.

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  • Growing NAS capacity requirements
  • Need for more operational efficiencies
  • Storage tiering to align workloads with targeted business SLAs
  • Poor visibility of on-prem and cloud data
  • Offsite backup or DR adds significant cost and/or logistical issues


  • Seamless integration with Cloudian HyperStore
  • Rapid Deployment – with its simple VM-based architecture, customers can deploy NAS Cloud Direct and start backing data up within minutes.
  • Flexible Protection – NAS Cloud Direct can protect any file data stored on any NAS system, using any protocol, and write data to Cloudian HyperStore.
  • Built for Scale – Engineered for exabyte size environments, NAS Cloud Direct moves data in parallel streams to maximize network throughput. Dynamic throttling eliminates impact to users and applications accessing the primary storage, meaning backups can run continuously, eliminating “backup windows” entirely. cost and/or logistical issues


  • Rubrik NAS Cloud Direct deploys with Cloudian HyperStore as software only
  • Cloudian HyperStore deploys as either software or with appliances
  • Balanced architecture and economics
  • Unified visibility and control of data across locations
  • Exabyte-scalable backup & archival storage
  • High performance at scale
  • Custom metadata search and analytics
  • Automated tiering to public cloud
  • 60% storage TCO savings vs legacy and cloud storage
  • Orchestrate data across on-prem to cloud to meet DR and other needs

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