Cloudian Storage: Coming Soon to a 2U Server Near You
Run Cloudian on-prem storage software directly on the AWS Outposts 2U server
or scale limitlessly with Cloudian storage alongside any Outposts server or rack



Scalable S3-Compatible Storage, On-Prem with AWS Outposts

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Meet your data sovereignty, capacity, and latency needs with S3-compatible storage on-prem. Scale to exabytes of storage in your data center, directly accessible from your AWS Outposts-based applications.


Cloudian HyperStore for AWS Outposts: Cloudian HyperStore is Outposts Ready as part of the AWS Service Ready Program. HyperStore storage appliances and software-defined-storage provide AWS Outposts customers with an industry and customer recognized solution for enterprise class, S3-compatible storage. Deployed alongside an AWS Outposts server or rack in your datacenter or directly on the Outposts 2U server, HyperStore provides a proven primary storage option for capacity-intensive workloads where local data processing, residency and enterprise data services are critical.

Start Small, Grow to an Exabyte: Cloudian’s simple scalability lets you start small with as little as three 1U-high nodes, then grow non-disruptively to exabytes simply by adding more storage nodes. The peer-to-peer architecture means that performance scales as well, so you never have performance bottlenecks.

Redundancy Ensures Data Availability: High-availability is designed-in, with data redundancy features including erasure coding and data replication protecting you from equipment failures or even entire-site failures.

Multiple Deployment Models: Choose from appliances ranging from 100TB to 1.5PB of capacity or deploy Cloudian software on your preferred industry-standard servers. Either way, you simply add more devices to add AWS Outpost storage. All nodes are managed as a single system, so management starts simple and stays simple as you grow.

Support Around the Globe: Cloudian offers white-glove support programs, including both software and hardware support. Teams are located around the globe, ensuring ready support access in your region.

AWS Outposts Cloudian

Learn more about Cloudian HyperStore here.

The Advantages of Cloudian’s AWS Outposts Ready Designation

“Cloudian S3-compatible storage, used as an add-on platform, provides scalable capacity for AWS Outposts for use cases that require local data residency, low latency access and/or integrated ransomware protection.” 

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Technical Insight report coverEnterprise IT executives are increasingly pursuing a hybrid cloud strategy. To align with that approach, Amazon Web Services introduced Outposts to deliver AWS services to on-premises data centers using a hybrid cloud architecture.

In this Evaluator Group Technical Insight Report, the analyst firm focuses on the AWS Outposts storage environment and how the use of Outposts-qualified storage systems can reduce complexity and IT staff burden as well as enhance security.

Cloudian HyperStore is an Outposts Ready, fully native S3-compatible object storage platform that addresses key user concerns, including:

  • Data security, including ransomware protection
  • Application portability due to the fully native S3 compatibility
  • Ease of management 

Cloud services on premises with Cloudian & AWS Outposts

AWS Outposts is a fully managed service that brings the same AWS infrastructure, services, APIs, and tools to virtually any on-premises facility. Ideal for workloads with low latency, local data processing, or data residency requirements, AWS Outposts extends AWS services to your own data center or on-premises facility. As a validated AWS Outposts Ready Partner, Cloudian provides you with a hybrid solution for your on-premises needs.

Run AWS services
and infrastructure
on premises
On Prem data storage
Truly consistent hybrid experience
Fully managed infrastructure
Fully managed infrastructure
Hybrid experience
Store and process data on premises


Solution Brief

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