Exabyte-Scale On-Prem S3-Compatible Storage for AWS

Exabyte-Scale On-Prem S3-Compatible Storage for AWS

Cloudian HyperStore for AWS Outposts and Local Zones

Cloudian HyperStore software lets you deploy AWS S3 API-compatible object storage at any location, on-premises or edge, for a truly consistent hybrid experience. Meet your requirements for low latency or data residency with local, self-contained storage where you need it. Available in both software and pre-configured appliance versions, HyperStore is designated Service Ready for AWS Outposts and is proven in enterprise deployments worldwide.

In AWS Outposts: A Practical Guide, learn how AWS Outposts works, how it integrates with your on-premises environment, and how you can order capacity and run it seamlessly alongside AWS Region.

AWS customers can seamlessly navigate the path to Hybrid Cloud by leveraging on-premises, Amazon S3-compatible storage solutions. View this on-demand webinar “The Path to the Hybrid World: Amazon S3-compatible Storage On-Prem for AWS Hybrid Edge” and listen as we address critical use cases such as data residency, low-latency data access, and scalability.


S3 API-compatible storage

With native S3-API support, Cloudian offers the industry’s highest S3 API compatibility to support your cloud-native workloads.

Fully Managed Infrastructure

Get a cloud-like management experience in your data center or at the edge with Cloudian HyperCare remotely managed services.

Consistent Hybrid Experience

Integrate Cloudian HyperStore with AWS S3 and employ policy-based data management to position your data where you need it.

Cloudian HyperStore for AWS Outposts servers

1U high storage system alongside your Outposts server


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Cloudian HyperStore for AWS Outposts

Scalable software-defined storage for your Outposts


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Cloudian HyperStore for AWS Local Zones

Local software-defined storage within your AWS Local Zone


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Cloudian HyperStore for AWS Outposts servers

Available on AWS Marketplace

Cloudian HyperStore for AWS Outposts Servers is an S3-compatible, fully-managed local storage offering. This 1U high storage system, deployed alongside AWS Outposts Servers at any on-premises or edge location, provides 112TB of local storage capacity to satisfy data locality, regulatory or information security requirements.

Cloudian HyperStore benefits include:

  • Capacity: 112 TB of usable local capacity
  • Form factor: 1U height
  • S3 API support: Full compatibility with applications designed to employ AWS S3 storage
  • Hybrid cloud-ready: Configurable data replication to an Amazon S3 region
  • Fully managed infrastructure: Once connected to your network, Cloudian will remotely configure and manage the storage resource

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  • S3 Object Lock: Provides data immutability, ransomware protection and regulatory compliance
  • Military-grade security: Verified in US government certification testing
  • Available on AWS Marketplace

Cloudian HyperStore for AWS Outposts


Deployed alongside an AWS Outposts in your data center, Cloudian HyperStore S3-compatible object storage software and systems provide a proven primary storage option for capacity-intensive workloads where local data processing, residency, and enterprise data services are critical.

  • Scalable S3-compatible storage
  • AWS Outposts Ready validation
  • All data is stored locally, ensuring compliance with data governance regulations

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Cloudian HyperStore for AWS Local Zones

In AWS Local Zones, Cloudian HyperStore integrates easily with applications that employ the AWS S3 protocol. Whether running on the Local Zones infrastructure or co-located with the AWS Local Zones, you get fast deployment and the capacity you need for data-intensive applications such as documents, imaging, IoT data collection, or data analysis.

  • Run low-latency applications at the edge
  • Meet stringent data residency requirements
  • Simplify hybrid cloud migrations with scalable S3-compatible storage

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Cloudian HyperStore Bucket Migrator for Amazon S3 Express One Zone

Migrate data quickly to Amazon S3 Express One Zone with the HyperStore Bucket Migrator. Amazon S3 Express One Zone is purpose-built to deliver the fastest cloud object storage for performance-critical applications that demand consistent single-digit millisecond request latency. The HyperStore Bucket Migrator for S3 Express One Zone seamlessly migrates on-premises object storage data to any AWS Availability Zone with S3 Express One Zone, thereby letting you rapidly utilize available GPU resources and the highest performance of all Amazon S3 storage classes.

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