S3-Compatible Storage for VMware vCloud Director

vmware vcloud director datasheetCloudian Object Storage for VMware vCloud Director is a storage platform that lets VMware cloud providers and their tenant users deploy, manage and consume S3-compatible storage within their services environment.

For cloud providers, this opens the door to new service revenue streams in use cases such as data protection, big data, healthcare, media archives, video surveillance, and more. For their tenant customers, it delivers a best-in-class object storage service fully integrated and delivered through their preferred cloud management platform.





  • Proven interoperability with the S3 API
  • Native integration with vCloud Director
  • vCD virtual appliance deployment model
  • Limitless storage scale within a single namespace
  • Self-service storage management for customers
  • Helps cloud providers offer differentiated and value-add services
  • Available as a pre-configured appliance or as software-defined storage

Integrated Object Storage Management

Use VMware vCloud Director to access commonly-used management functions.  Provision storage, set policies and monitor usage, all within vCD. Set up workflows and orchestrate resources from end to end. Manage across sites, too, within a single vCD framework. Tenant users can also manage storage within vCD, giving them a simple self service portal. For advanced management functions, access the Cloudian management console from within vCD via a convenient single sign on.

Deployment Options

Choose from two deployment options, software-defined storage or a pre-configured appliance. Either way, you manage the storage pool via VMware vCloud Director.

1. Software-Defined Storage
Deploy Cloudian on your existing compute and storage platform and leverage the storage you already have. A utility-based pricing model lets you license Cloudian software for just the object storage capacity in use.

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2. Cloudian Appliance
Deploy as a pre-configured storage appliance from Cloudian. Choose from configurations that start at 100TB and grow seamlessly grow to an exabyte without interruption, all under vCD management. With the industry’s highest storage density, Cloudian HyperStore appliances provide a highly efficient path to scalable storage.


S3-Compatible Storage
Fully-compatible, native S3 API, the de facto language of the cloud. Enables a wide range of use cases for high-value services offerings and software development.

vCloud Director Integrated Management
Manage commonly used storage functions, such as reporting and configuration of users and groups, are accessed from within the vCloud Director user interface. For advanced functions, a single sign-on provides seamless access to the Cloudian user interface.

Geo-Distribution and Cloud Storage Migration
Policy-based tools enable simple, secure storage migration and management across sites storage resource optimization, all within a single namespace.

Modular Scalability
Start small and grow without interruption to an exabyte within a single namespace.

Quality of Service
Manage service level agreements with bandwidth controls to ensure a consistent customer experience.

Generate client billing information using selected usage parameters.

Granular Storage Management
Manage data protection and security at the bucket level to tailor capabilities for specific users.

Multi-tenant Resource Pooling
Create isolated, secure storage pools within a shared storage platform. Customers have independent role-based authentication and fine-grained access controls.

Data Durability Up to 14 Nines
Deployment options, including erasure coding and data replication, allow for configurable data durability up to 99.999999999999%.

Self-service Management
Role-based access controls allow customers to select and provision storage on-demand from a service catalog via a self-service portal.

“Our customers increasingly demand S3-compatible storage to capitalize on both the growing ecosystem and unbeatable economics of this storage technology. We can now provide the benefits of Cloudian’s proven S3-based solution within a vCloud Director-managed environment that unifies all their storage, further reinforcing the outstanding value and service we deliver.”

William Bell
Executive Vice President of Products

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“For our clients, cloud is no longer a strategic goal in itself. It is simply a means to other genuinely strategic ends, whether that’s monetizing data through cloud-based data insights, managing and protecting data flows amid global collaboration, or preparing for rapid growth. The combined Cloudian-VMware solution delivers the highly scalable, cost-effective storage platform needed to support such forward-looking data optimization goals, and as an early adopter of innovative technology, we’re excited about leveraging it to deliver even greater value in this rapidly changing cloud environment.”

Julian Box
Founder & CEO


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