Hybrid Cloud for Manufacturers

AWS Outposts + Cloudian HyperStore: Bringing the Cloud Experience On-Premises

The manufacturing sector is in the process of a massive digital transformation. The industry is melding Information Technology (IT) with Operational Technology (OT) to optimize manufacturing processes, create and sell smart products, speed time to market and lower costs. This kind of digital transformation puts new requirements on the IT infrastructure to cope with the changing business needs. Traditional operations saddled with legacy infrastructures do not provide the flexibility, elasticity and scale required to meet the demands of an evolving product portfolio like AI/ML, edge computing and IOT technologies. Leading manufacturers are therefore looking to a modern architecture that uses a hybrid cloud approach to bring the benefits of the cloud to the data behind their firewalls.

AWS Outposts with Cloudian

AWS Outposts is a fully managed service that brings native AWS services, infrastructure, and operating models on-premises to your data centers and co-location facility for a true hybrid experience. Outposts is meant for manufacturing workloads that require low latency access to on-premises systems, local data processing, data residency, and migration of applications with local system interdependencies. Outposts allows manufacturers to standardize infrastructure across manufacturing sites and start modernizing their IT infrastructure while getting rid of managing infrastructure on shop floor.

Cloudian HyperStore is validated as part of the AWS Outposts Service Ready Program. HyperStore storage appliances and software-defined storage provide AWS Outposts customers with an industry-leading solution for enterprise class, secure, S3-compatible storage. Deployed alongside AWS Outposts in your data center, HyperStore provides a proven storage option for capacity-intensive workloads, satisfying critical requirements like data locality, residency, and security.

The solution allows manufacturing organizations to seamlessly store, move, and protect any unstructured data across locations —all at up to 70% less cost than traditional disk-based storage systems.

Cloud, In Your Data Center

AWS Outposts brings cloud processing to your data center. Cloudian complements this by giving you storage capacity that can scale to exabytes. To expand, simply add nodes, either in one site or across multiple sites. Manage it all within a single namespace, from a single management console, and search metadata across all your sites with a single query. Integrated tools even let you create a data copy within Amazon S3 if desired.

Meet Your Data Locality and Latency Needs

With Outposts and Cloudian, applications and their data are all on-prem, behind your firewall, which helps you meet data residency requirements for regulatory, contractual, or information security reasons. Cloudian’s software-defined storage or all-flash or HDD-based appliances deliver the fast, low-latency data access your applications require.

Exceptional Data Security

Extensive security features make it possible to deploy and operate the solution in a secure and cost-effective manner.

AWS Outposts rack is GxP compatible, PCI, SOC, ISMAP, IRAP, and FINMA compliant, and ISO, CSA STAR certified. Outposts rack is also FedRAMP granted authorization to AWS Outposts, excluding the hardware components of the service. This means customers and agencies can make a risk-based decision to use AWS Outposts hardware components or conduct a Type Accreditation to review the hardware components of AWS Outposts to process FedRAMP workloads.

Cloudian HyperStore is certified compliant with SEC Rule 17a-4(f), FINRA Rule 4511, and CFTC Rule 1.31(c)-(d). Available S3 Object Lock with root disable capability provides system level data immutability for compliance, governance, legal hold, or protection from ransomware. Other security capabilities include AES-256 server-side encryption for data at rest, SSL for data in transit (HTTPS), transparent key management, rolebased access controls (RBAC), audit trail logging, and secure shell with root disable.

Multi-tenant Shared Storage Environment

The solution is well suited for large enterprise shared IT environments. Outposts supports granular resource sharing across multiple accounts under the same AWS organization using AWS Resource Access Manager (RAM) while maintaining separation. On the storage side, Cloudian’s advanced identity and access management features allow system administrators to provision and manage groups and users, define specific classes of service, and configure billing and charge-back policies. This enables a fully multi-tenant deployment with Cloudian supporting multiple groups across the organization.

White-Glove Support

AWS Outposts is fully managed and supported by AWS. Your Outposts rack is delivered, installed, monitored, patched, and updated by AWS. When your Outpost is installed and is visible in the AWS Management Console, AWS will monitor it as part of the public AWS Region and will automatically execute software upgrades and patches. If there is a need to perform physical maintenance, AWS will reach out to schedule a time to visit your site.

Cloudian HyperStore for Outposts is a fully managed offering available for purchase via AWS marketplace (only for AWS Outposts Servers), that includes hardware and software components and professional services. Regular health checks for the storage with Cloudian Support Engineers monitor your system’s status and provide you with updates on best practices. Customers can also use Cloudian HyperStore with Outposts rack and get the same functionality for larger scale systems. Please contact your Cloudian or AWS representative for more details.

With Outposts and Cloudian, you can reduce the time, resources, operational risk, and maintenance downtime required for managing manufacturing IT infrastructure.

Industry’s Lowest TCO

Built for storage efficiency, Cloudian systems save up to 70% when compared with traditional enterprise storage. Choose HDD-based platforms for the industry’s lowest TCO. Or select Cloudian’s all-flash appliance for 3X better price/performance than competing flash-based systems.


A wide spectrum of manufacturers can benefit from the low-latency processing, simplified application development and deployment, reduced management burden, and modern security delivered by AWS Outposts + Cloudian HyperStore. AWS Outposts + Cloudian HyperStore enable customers to modernize applications and process data that needs to stay close to plant floor control systems including MES, quality assurance, order tracking, scheduling, and asset management, and to centralize control of operations with a consistent hybrid cloud solution. Manufacturers can gain a competitive edge by increasing productivity, innovating faster at lower cost, and making both IT and production lines more efficient.

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Cloud Flexibility On Premises at Exabyte Scale


  • AWS services, infrastructure, and operating models with AWS Outposts, working with a fully managed on-prem S3-compatible object storage, bringing the cloud to your data center
  • Cloud like flexibility and scalability to exabytes
  • Available as a service through AWS marketplace (Cloudian HyperStore)
  • 70% lower TCO than traditional SAN and NAS storage


  • Fully managed, GPU-enabled service from Outposts with compatible storage from Cloudian
  • Addresses data residency preferences with fully on-prem storage and compute
  • Delivers local processing and capacity-on-demand for your most data-intensive use cases
  • Military-grade security and compliance certifications with Cloudian HyperStore
  • Data immutability with S3 Object Lock
  • Easy, scalable hybrid cloud storage with Cloudian HyperStore
    – Proven interoperable with applications that support Amazon S3
    – Machine Learning inference at the edge
    – Supports replication to Amazon S3 disaster recovery
    – AWS Service Ready

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