Unified Analytics Data Lake Platform with Vertica and Cloudian HyperStore

Unified Analytics Data Lake Platform with Vertica and Cloudian HyperStore



Data warehouse and data lake environments are growing at 11% CAGR with analytic use cases like AI/ML fueling the growth to petabyte scale data sets. Traditional storage infrastructure solutions cannot keep up with the required scale and gets expensive very quickly. In addition, enterprises are equally concerned with accessibility, elasticity, and security while looking to getting timely insights from their data.

Keeping these concerns in mind, and to get the most business value from their strategic data assets, enterprises are increasingly looking at the cloud data warehouse model for modernizing their on-prem solution.


The modernization of the data warehouse solution started in the cloud and combines the flexibility, cost-efficiency, and scale of data lakes with the data management and ACID transactions of data warehouses. The solution of Vertica with Cloudian provides customers a cloud-like modern data warehousing architecture, on-premises, for managing all their AI and ML workloads securely behind their firewall. In Eon Mode, Vertica separates compute and storage scaling of the database by allowing customers to use Cloudian HyperStore S3 compatible object storage as a single location to store all their data. Customers can elastically and independently vary the number of compute nodes or storage nodes depending on need. Adjusting the size of the cluster does not interrupt analytic workloads allowing customers cloud like flexibility and economics with the security of their own data center.





  • Cloud-like – Modernize your data warehousing solution and get the flexibility of the cloud
  • Security – Access controls, audit logs, encryption for data at rest and in motion
  • Compliance – On-prem data storage enables adherence to regulatory requirements
  • Analytics – Metadata-based search and analytics capabilities
  • Data protection – Exceptional data durability for long-term data protection
  • Cloud economics – Less than ½ ¢/GB/ month

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Solution Advantages

Drop-in integration

Vertica in Eon mode integrates seamlessly with Cloudian HyperStore, the industry leading on-prem S3 storage system, using Vertica’s S3 API based platform for the hybrid cloud. Together the solution of Vertica and Cloudian, provides customers with a robust data lakehouse solution with scalable storage, high data durability and fast recovery times at up to 70% less cost than traditional storage solutions.

Hybrid Cloud Ready

Cloudian is on-prem storage that also integrates directly with public cloud storage services. Employ policy-based tools to replicate or tier data to AWS, GCP, Azure, or to another Cloudian HyperStore cluster for offsite DR, capacity expansion or data analysis in the cloud.

Exabyte-scalable handle the largest Vertica environments

EON mode separates the scaling of compute and storage, letting customers scale the resources most required. Cloudian’s HyperStore scale-out object storage system provides a fast and cost-effective storage for creating data lakes connected to Vertica Eon in order to manage all semi-structured or unstructured data. Available as an appliance or as software, HyperStore lets customers start small and expand seamlessly from TBs to PBs without interruption.


The solution allows multiple users to analyze data sitting on a single, shared data lake infrastructure without compromising security. HyperStore gives role-based access to system and group administrators and to end users. Users can select and provision storage services on-demand from a service catalog. Billing, metering and QoS are built into the HyperStore platform to enable a full multi-tenant deployment.

Data Resiliency

Data lakes built on Cloudian HyperStore provide up to 14 nine’s of resiliency. HyperStore supports storage policies (administrator selectable) for implementing data resiliency based on Replication (RF) or Erasure Coding (EC). Administrators can configure the number of replicas or erasure code scheme required to meet SLA and cost objectives. Storage policies also provide fine grain control of data placement across data centers, taking into consideration factors such as cost efficiency, security levels, and proximity.

Cloud economics — Up to 70% less cost than conventional storage

Running on standard x86 hardware, Cloudian drives down the cost of on-prem, disk-based storage to ½¢/GB/month or less, including support.


The solution provides extensive security features that make it possible to deploy and operate a cost-effective data lake that keeps customers’ data secure. These features include data encryption, transparent key management, AES-256 server-side encryption for data at rest, SSL for data in transit (HTTPS), role-based access controls with specified levels of access, audit trail logging, WORM (Write Once Read Multiple) for data immutability and more.

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