Solve your biggest capacity storage challenges

Cloudian makes object storage easy to use. Proven with enterprise applications worldwide, you get infinite scalability and limitless possibilities.

data protection

Data Protection

For data backup targets, your typical choices are appliances or tape. Cloudian breaks the price-performance barrier with a disk-based backup target that is fast, simple, and cost-effective.

Media & Entertainment

HyperStore was designed to handle the massive quantities of data generated by high resolution media, so it provides a cost-effective and fast storage solution for 4k workflows.

data management

Data Lifecycle Management

Offload less-frequently used files — which typically consume 60% or more of the footprint — from Tier-1 NAS to Cloudian. You get more capacity at less cost.



A powerful, flexible set of services with easy management and scale-out storage to address ever-changing business needs and growing data sets.

Cloud Storage

Everything you love about the cloud but in your data center. Cloudian HyperStore uses the same APIs, offers the same limitless scalability, and is just as easy to use.



 To derive insight from information, you need affordable, highly-scalable storage that’s simple, reliable, and compatible with the tools you have.

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