NAS Capacity Optimization and Limitless Scalability

Cloudian® partners with top technology companies to tackle one of the biggest challenges in the data center: unstructured data lifecycle management. Offload less-frequently used files — that typically consume 60% or more of the footprint — from Tier-1 NAS to Cloudian. You get more capacity at less cost.




Together, Komprise and Cloudian provide complete lifecycle management: analysis plus data moving in one solution. Select data for migration automatically, based on policies you define such as frequency of access, file age, file size, etc. See the analysis results instantly, before action is taken. After data is migrated, users still retain instant, transparent access.

Recover Tier-1 NAS Capacity

Typically, 60% of files have not been accessed in the past year. Nonetheless, they consume expensive capacity and data backup resources every day. Cloudian integrates with file lifecycle management solutions that let you immediately reclaim that space by moving cold data to on-premises Cloudian storage.

Learn more by watching this on-demand webinar with Komprise, “How to Delay Your Next NAS Expansion.”

Transparent to Users

Throughout the lifecycle, your users see no change in data access. When a migrated file is requested, the data is automatically returned to the appliance for transparent user access.

50% Cost Savings vs NAS

Significantly reduce NAS costs and simplify management by consolidating less-frequently used data to a single, limitlessly scalable pool. Data migrated to Cloudian no longer consumes backup license costs.

To learn more, read the Analyst TCO Report.

collab-integrated data protection

Integrated Data Protection

Ensure data durability and 24×7 access with Cloudian’s integrated data protection. Choose from on-site protection, or replicate across sites for disaster recovery purposes, all managed on one screen with no additional software to buy.


Cloudian HyperStore® Streamlines Scientific Collaboration at Casale

Casale sought a scale-out, easy to manage, secure solution with file sharing capabilities for both onsite and remote users for easy collaboration.

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