100% Native S3 Object Storage
in Your Data Center

The powerful, petabyte-scalable solution
for unstructured data





The control of local storage.
The flexibility of the cloud.





Conquer your SLAs.
Simplify your life.


The S3 Object Storage Revolution

On-premises and hybrid cloud storage solutions

Get everything you love about cloud storage, right in your data center. Cloudian object storage is petabyte-scalable and simple to manage. Deploy as on-premises storage, or configure a hybrid cloud and automatically tier data to the public cloud. All at 70% less TCO than conventional storage.

object storage node

The industry's most complete management

Take control with powerful features
that simplify your life

View system health, manage users and groups and automate tasks with Cloudian's web-based UI and REST API . Manage your workload too, with a self-service portal that lets users administer their own storage. Powerful QoS capabilities help you ensure SLAs.

object storage management screen

Start Small and Grow

Right-sized for any storage need

Cloudian makes it easy to get started. Begin with the cluster size that fits your needs and expand on demand. In Cloudian's modular, shared-nothing architecture, every node is identical. So you can grow from a few nodes to a few hundred without disruption. Performance scales linearly, too.

object storage scalabiltiy

100% Native S3

Guaranteed compatible with your applications

Only Cloudian HyperStore offers a 100% native S3 API, proven to deliver the highest interoperability in its class. Guaranteed compatible with your S3-enabled applications, Cloudian gives you investment protection and peace of mind.

Object storage guarantee

Enables the Hybrid Cloud

Get the benefits of both on–premises and cloud storage in a single management environment. Run your S3-enabled applications in your data center with Cloudian S3 scale-out storage. Use policies you define to automatically tier data to the public cloud. It’s simple to manage and limitlessly scalable.

Ask an Expert

We've brought together some of the brightest minds in storage to support a common goal—to enable our customers to conquer the challenge of unstructured data growth and find new ways of turning information into insight.

object storage expert


Expertise: Solutions for Media & Entertainment, genomics, life sciences, and backup & archive.

»ASK Doug


Expertise: Expertise: Solutions for file storage (CIFS/NFS), Big Data and analytics, and video surveillance / CCTV.

»ASK Eddo


Expertise: Hybrid cloud management and log analysis, Java S3 SDK

»ASK Rajesh


Expertise: S3 API, automation, and Python S3 SDK

»ASK Jesse

Customer Examples

Customers around the globe trust Cloudian with their largest data sets of mission critical information.

Supports 2,300,000 users in cloud storage environment.

Distributed storage and backup across multiple sites supporting chemical R&D.


Global cloud service provider, offering S3 cloud storage service from six data centers.

Cloudian Saves 70% on Storage Cost

Compared with conventional storage, Cloudian saves up to 70% with an efficient architecture and industry standard components

object storage cost savings diagram
  • 30% less Power/Space/Cooling

    Integrated data compression, erasure coding and high density packaging reduce footprint.

  • 66% less CapEx

    Industry standard hardware and modular architecture saves you 66% versus conventional storage.

  • Up to 95% less Management Overhead

    Cloudian consolidates data to a single management environment, regardless of the capacity. Integrated cloud lets you manage on-prem and cloud storage as one.


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