Cloudian S3-Compatible Object Storage is a Perfect Match for Assured Data Protection’s Rubrik-based Services

Managed backup services pioneer chooses Cloudian HyperStore solution to support ‘as-a-service’ vision.

Founded in 2016, Assured Data Protection is a UK-based service provider with a subsidiary in the US, offering managed backup-as-a-service using Rubrik’s cloud data management platform. Building on their extensive experience in the managed backup space, the company’s founders chose Rubrik because it enabled them to create the simplest platform to meet their customers’ data protection and disaster recovery requirements.

Assured DP differentiates itself from other cloud service providers with its exclusive use of Rubrik technology to deliver backup-as-a-service (BaaS) and disaster-recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS). Rubrik eliminates the complexity of backup and disaster recovery by collapsing the backup software, catalog management, replication and deduplicated storage into a single appliance that scales linearly.

With Rubrik as its platform, Assured DP can offer automated backup, instant recovery, offsite replication, and data archive, all within a hardware-agnostic, cloud-based service. Assured DP is now Rubrik’s largest dedicated global partner, and in 2017 was recognised as their EMEA MSP Partner of the Year.

S3 Compatibility, Multi-tenancy and Simplified Management

To support its Rubrik-based disaster recovery and backup services, Assured DP began searching for an S3-compatible storage system that was hardware-agnostic and offered multi-protocol support and multi-tenancy. It was Rubrik that recommended Cloudian HyperStore to Assured DP. Given the choice of a storage appliance or software-defined storage, Assured DP chose to deploy the Cloudian appliance because it preferred having a single supplier for the supply and support of its S3-compatible storage infrastructure.

In addition to full S3 API compatibility, Cloudian HyperStore also provided multi-tenancy and simple management. Rubrik can easily automate backup, replication and archive to Cloudian HyperStore using its policy-based engine. No additional software or plug-ins are required to connect Rubrik with HyperStore.

Together, Rubrik and Cloudian simplify how organisations manage backup and long-term data retention in hybrid cloud environments. “We selected Cloudian because we needed an object-based storage solution that works with Rubrik and can also enable our S3 storage as a service offering,” said Rob Mackle, Director and Co-Founder at Assured DP. “Throughout our evaluation and deployment, Cloudian demonstrated excellent ease-of-use and S3 compatibility. It complements our Rubrik deployment perfectly, delivering the cost and compatibility we need to ensure a high-value backup service with rock-solid reliability.”

S3-compatible Storage-as-a-Service

While Assured DP’s initial interest in Cloudian HyperStore was as an extension of its Rubrik offering, it has also enabled the company to launch Archive-as-a-Service, and also opened the door to providing S3-as-a-Service to customers. The S3-as-a-Service offering provides dedicated cloud storage service for those wishing to use S3-compatible storage from a UK-owned and hosted provider.

The flexibility of Rubrik and Cloudian HyperStore enables these services to be hosted in Assured DP’s data centres or in the customer’s environment. The solution is available either as a managed service, or self-managed, as the customer requires.

Cloudian HyperStore software provides optional data tiering to any S3-compatible cloud and support for all S3 ecosystem applications. It can be used to deploy private and/or hybrid clouds and to deliver multi-data centre storage with limitless scale.

“We are Rubrik’s largest dedicated global partner, and Cloudian complements their solution perfectly. Bringing Cloudian into our partner portfolio underlines our belief in
them as a partner and technology provider,” said Mackle. “HyperStore is a proven, market-leading product and the ability it gives us to scale our storage capabilities
is very valuable.”

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Managed Service Provider

  • Native S3 API for leading S3 compatibility
  • Proven in Rubrik deployments
  • Supports S3-compatible storage services
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Simple deployment and administration