hpe greenlake logoToday Cloudian announced another joint win with HPE GreenLake. Cloudian continues to make significant strides in the AI data management landscape through strategic collaborations and technological advancements. Our deployment at Verinext announced today, and another recently announced at a global retailer, underscore Cloudian’s increasing momentum with HPE GreenLake, showcasing the robust capabilities and strategic value of Cloudian’s AI-ready data lake solutions.

Global Retailer Enhances Data Analytics

A prominent global retailer has deployed Cloudian’s AI-ready data lake software to enhance their Splunk data analytics infrastructure, leveraging the flexible service model of HPE GreenLake. This deployment spans three data centers, providing multi-petabyte storage that ensures data sovereignty and compliance with global data protection standards. Notably, this solution has delivered over 50% cost savings compared to traditional enterprise storage.

Matt Banks, WW Hybrid Cloud Sales Lead at HPE, stated, “The HPE GreenLake service will allow the retailer to easily scale their Cloudian AI data lake to keep pace with the needs of their business. With HPE GreenLake, the customer gains a cloud experience with full control and visibility of their platform usage, consumption, and cost whilst retaining data sovereignty with physical on-site presence, thus merging the benefits of both paradigms.”

Verinext Integration for Advanced Data Management

Verinext, a company known for delivering transformative business outcomes through technology and services, has integrated Cloudian’s AI-ready data lake into their data management solutions. Utilizing HPE GreenLake’s consumption-based services, Verinext can now offer managed backup, disaster recovery, and storage services that ensure robust data security, scalability, and always-on availability.

Nick Martino, Product Manager Managed Services at Verinext, commented, “Our backup, disaster recovery, and storage services powered by HPE GreenLake and Cloudian AI data lake technology provide a premier solution for customers seeking cloud-like agility, robust data security, and a cutting-edge private cloud infrastructure.”

HPE Greenlake Consumption Model Contributes to a Cloud-like Experience

HPE Greenlake cloudianHPE GreenLake’s consumption-based model offers a financial framework akin to that of public cloud services, allowing organizations to pay for the storage and computing resources they actually use, rather than investing in and maintaining their own on-premises infrastructure. This model transforms capital expenses into operational expenses, providing greater financial flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency. By aligning costs directly with usage, HPE GreenLake helps businesses manage their budgets more predictively and adapt quickly to changing workloads and data demands, thereby merging the benefits of both cloud and on-premises environments.


These collaborations with HPE GreenLake help our joint customers achieve their operational and financial goals, while underscoring Cloudian’s commitment to delivering scalable, secure, and cost-effective AI-ready data management solutions. By working closely with leading technology partners, Cloudian is empowering organizations to achieve greater efficiency and innovation in their AI workflows.

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