Streamline PyTorch Machine Learning Workflows with Cloudian and AWS Hybrid Edge

Machine learning requires efficient access to training datasets. Today, Cloudian announced an open-source software contribution that fuses PyTorch, the widely acclaimed machine learning library, with local Cloudian HyperStore S3-compatible storage solutions. This pioneering development is set to accelerate machine learning workflows by allowing PyTorch users on AWS Hybrid Edge solutions to directly access local data … Read More

Major Telco Deploys Cloudian Data Lake for MemSQL and Apache Druid

A prominent telecommunications company in the United States, serving a massive customer base in the wireless segment, faced a significant challenge in managing its data. With the need to store and analyze data from hundreds of millions of wireless calls daily, the company required a robust and scalable storage solution to manage log data for … Read More

Cloudian HyperIQ Observability and Analytics

Cloudian HyperIQ Observability and Analytics is a powerful extension of the Cloudian HyperStore platform, specifically designed to provide comprehensive insights and analytics into your data storage infrastructure. As organizations deal with ever-expanding volumes of data, the ability to understand, analyze, and optimize storage becomes crucial. Cloudian HyperIQ addresses this need by offering a set of ... Read More

Unleashing the Power of Your Data with a Cloudian Datalake

In the dynamic landscape of data-driven decision-making, maintaining sovereignty over your data is no longer a preference but a necessity. Enter Cloudian – an AI-ready, multi-tenant, secure hybrid datalake for your S3 applications. Revolutionizing Data Management: A Paradigm Shift Purpose-built for S3-enabled applications, this revolutionary paradigm transforms the conventional approach to capacity-intensive computing, offering a … Read More

Healthcare Firm Cuts Splunk Data Storage Costs with Cloudian

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, where electronic transmission of prescriptions and health information exchange of medical records delivers speed and efficiency, a major pharmaceutical firm faced a critical data management challenge. The organization, which currently processes over 20 million prescriptions daily between healthcare organizations, needed to upgrade their storage solution to handle the breadth … Read More

Transforming Legal Insurance Data Management with Cloudian at a Leading German Insurance Provider

A prominent insurance provider in Germany — specializing in legal insurance for motorists, businesses, and homeowners — embarked on an IT modernization journey. Their goal was to transition from a traditional mainframe architecture to containerized applications using Kubernetes. Challenge The insurance firm’s data, predominantly comprised of legal documents, demanded a storage solution that adhered to … Read More

Cloudian’s New HyperStore Bucket Migrator: Simple Data Migration to Amazon S3 Express One Zone

AWS just announced the Amazon S3 Express One Zone storage class, a high-performance AWS storage service. To complement this new addition, Cloudian has unveiled the HyperStore Bucket Migrator for Amazon S3 Express One Zone. This revolutionary utility enables seamless data migration to Amazon S3 Express One Zone, letting customers move data effortlessly from Cloudian HyperStore … Read More

HR Management Leader Elevates HR Data Security with Cloudian

In the dynamic realm of HR management, an industry leader sought an S3-compatible object storage solution to serve as a Veeam backup target for their critical data. Considering storage options from NetApp, Minio, and Hitachi, a seasoned storage buyer with a background at a major storage company took the reins of the decision-making process. After … Read More

Announcing HyperStore 8 Global Unified File and Object Storage

Cloudian today announced HyperStore 8 software, the most powerful, feature-rich HyperStore yet. HyperStore 8 unifies file and object software to simplify management and increase the value of data. With a plethora of new data management and performance features, Cloudian scale-out storage is now faster, smarter, and more scalable than ever. Key Features of HyperStore 8 … Read More

Supermicro BMC IPMI Firmware Vulnerabilities

Security vulnerabilities have been disclosed in the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) firmware for Supermicro management controllers employed in some Cloudian storage appliances. These vulnerabilities could result in privilege escalation and execution of malicious code. The seven flaws, tracked from CVE-2023-40284 through CVE-2023-40290, range in severity from High to Critical, according to Binarly, enabling unauthenticated … Read More