Revenue Ready Cloud Services – Ready Made

    Amit Rawlani, Senior Director of Solutions & Technology Alliances, Cloudian View LinkedIn Profile     As cloud services for Data Storage, Data Protection, and Data analytics gain traction, enterprise customers are keen to modernize their IT environments to remain competitive. A growing area of interest has been to find these services outside of ... Read More

Empowering AI with Scalable and Resilient Data Storage

Scalable Storage for AI Systems Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are revolutionizing industries, driving the next wave of business automation. These technologies heavily rely on vast amounts of data, putting significant demands on IT systems, especially storage infrastructure. Cloudian HyperStore offers the ideal storage for AI systems, providing a scalable, affordable, and fault-tolerant … Read More

The Hybrid Data Lakehouse Solution with Cloudian and Snowflake

Sascha Uhl, Solution Architect for Global Strategic Alliances View LinkedIn Profile     The Hybrid Data Lakehouse Solution with Cloudian and Snowflake A growing amount of Data Lakehouse products are or already have integrated the S3 API into their solution to support Cloudian HyperStore. Not only on-premises solutions are leveraging the open API. Also the … Read More

On-Prem Cloud as a Service with HPE GreenLake and Cloudian

For organizations moving towards a cloud-like model in all aspects of IT – including how they procure on-prem infrastructure – Cloudian now offers a solution. Cloudian is now available on the HPE GreenLake Marketplace, giving you the option to get Cloudian HyperStore object storage software delivered as an on-premises service. “HPE GreenLake offers a pay-per-use, … Read More

Survey: Media Archive Storage Adopting Hybrid Cloud and AI/ML

During the NAB shows in 2018 and 2023, Cloudian surveyed over 375 media and entertainment industry IT professionals about their media archive storage. The goal was to learn about the archive challenges faced by post-production professionals and how these challenges are being met. The results were surprising, indicating an industry very much in transition. And ... Read More

Replication Factor Storage Policy for Multi-Cloud

David Axler, Cloudian Sales Engineer View LinkedIn Profile Replication Factor Storage Policy for Multi-Cloud When creating a multi-cloud environment, securing your data across more than one cloud is the name of the game, as this gives resilience to an entire-cloud failure. In this blog, I will explain how Cloudian Hyperstore protects your data automatically using ... Read More

Moving to Veeam v12 – Who’s Doing That?

Van Flowers, Senior Systems Engineer, Cloudian View LinkedIn Profile   Moving to Veeam v12 – Who’s Doing That? Veeam v12 and Cloudian. You may have heard this great “pairing” mentioned in your technology circles. But why? Well, that’s a great question. Cloudian and Veeam: History In past versions of Veeam, Cloudian was employed as the ... Read More

Seven Reasons to Choose Cloudian with Enterprise-Grade Flash

In primary data storage, flash media is growing in popularity for its performance and reliability. You may know that Cloudian has offered all-flash appliances for several years now.  But not all flash media are the same. Cloudian employs the most rugged, longest-lived, and fastest media found in object storage. Our 64-layer triple-level cell (TLC) 3D ... Read More

US Department of Defense Deploys Cloudian for Scalable Storage Services

When the Department of Defense sought to update its cloud storage program, Cloudian HyperStore S3-compatible storage was a logical choice. The Department’s previous cloud solution, MilCloud 2, had employed Cloudian HyperStore software since 2019, so the solution benefits were well known. Goal: Shared storage, higher speed, less cost The new program would be contracted under ... Read More

National Institutes of Health Turns to Cloudian, Saves 70% on Cost

A 60-petabyte Cloudian installation at the NIH demonstrates Cloudian's scalability, versatility, and cost savings. Here is the case study for this large-scale healthcare deployment. Data drives the nation's medical research The National Institutes of Health (NIH), a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is the nation’s medical research agency — making ... Read More