Announcing OpenShift Support: S3-Compatible Object Storage Software for Containers

Cloudian just announced storage support for RedHat OpenShift. Now, our software-defined, S3-compatible object storage can run in a container on the OpenShift platform alongside production Kubernetes applications. Any containers workload that requires persistent storage – whether for dev ops or production – can access its own workspace in a Cloudian scale-out cluster.

New Solution with VMware Tanzu Greenplum Data Warehouse

  Grant Jacobson, Director of  Technology Alliances and Partner Marketing, Cloudian View LinkedIn Profile Cloudian is expanding its collaboration with VMware with a new solution combining Cloudian HyperStore with VMware Tanzu Greenplum, a massively parallel data warehouse platform for enterprise analytics, at scale. Integrating Cloudian enterprise-grade object storage with VMware Tanzu Greenplum enables new efficiencies ... Read More

NAS Backup & Archive Solution with Rubrik NAS Cloud Direct

  Grant Jacobson, Director of  Technology Alliances and Partner Marketing, Cloudian View LinkedIn Profile Cloudian and Rubrik are simplifying enterprise data protection with a best-in-class NAS backup and archival solution that combines Cloudian HyperStore and Rubrik’s NAS Cloud Direct. This simple solution makes it easy to manage and migrate massive amounts of NAS data to ... Read More

Scalable S3-Compatible Storage On-Prem for AWS Outposts

AWS Outposts gives you cloud-like services in your data center. Now Cloudian provides AWS-validated S3-compatible storage on-prem to help you do more with Outposts. With Cloudian, you can expand your Outposts use cases to applications where data locality and latency are key.

A Streaming Feature Store Based on Flink and the AWS SageMaker Feature Store API

The next wave of digital transformation is a synthesis of on-premise and cloud workloads where the same compute and storage cloud services are also available on-premise, in particular at the “edge” — near or at the location where the data is generated. For this edge-cloud synthesis to work, the cloud services — specifically programming APIs — must be available at the edge without requiring cloud access. For example, popular AWS services such as S3 for data storage and Lambda for serverless computing also need to work at the edge independently of the cloud.

5 Components of AWS S3 Storage Pricing

Jon Toor, CMO, Cloudian View LinkedIn Profile         5 Components of AWS S3 Storage Pricing How is Amazon S3 Priced? Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is an elastically scalable object storage service. The service provides a free tier to get you started, with limited capacity for 12 months. Beyond the limits ... Read More

Gartner Report Highlights Data Immutability as Key to Ransomware Protection

For anyone questioning the threat that ransomware poses, the recent attacks against Kaseya and Colonial Pipeline are a harsh reminder of why ransomware has become the top cybersecurity threat. Unfortunately, traditional defenses such as anti-malware software and anti-phishing training for employees have often proven ineffective, leading organizations to look for better solutions. In a new Gartner report titled “Innovation Insight for Leveraging Isolated Recovery Environments and Immutable Data Vaults to Protect and Recover From Ransomware,” the analyst firm highlights the critical role data immutability technology can play in ransomware protection.