Supermicro BMC IPMI Firmware Vulnerabilities

Security vulnerabilities have been disclosed in the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) firmware for Supermicro management controllers employed in some Cloudian storage appliances. These vulnerabilities could result in privilege escalation and execution of malicious code. The seven flaws, tracked from CVE-2023-40284 through CVE-2023-40290, range in severity from High to Critical, according to Binarly, enabling unauthenticated … Read More

Multicloud #6 Cross Region Replication in Multi-Cloud

This blog goes into some of the detail around using Cross Region Replication in a multi-cloud environment. Cross region replication (CRR) and Single region replication (SRR) are S3 options which allows you to protect data when the latency is too high to use storage policies, or you have a multi-region system, or when you simply ... Read More

How to Configure the Cloudian HyperBalance Load Balancer

In a clustered storage environment, where multiple storage controllers can process requests simultaneously, a load balancer can boost performance by intelligently distributing requests. In this series of videos I will walk you through the creation, configuration and the deployment of the virtual version of the Cloudian load balancer, HyperBalance. Balance is important in all things. ... Read More

Cloudian, AMD, Micron announce breakthrough object storage performance

Cloudian, AMD, and Micron together have delivered groundbreaking object storage performance and efficiency results.  A Cloudian HyperStore 8 object storage cluster of six single CPU nodes powered by AMD EPYC™ 9454 CPUs with Micron NVMe SSDs, produced 17.7GB/s writes and 24.8GB/s reads on an industry standard benchmark. These are real world results, measured on an … Read More

Achieving Optimal Performance with Cloudian Hyperbalance and Layer 7 Health Checks in Cloudian HyperStore

Introduction In today's data-driven world, organizations are increasingly relying on scalable and efficient storage solutions to manage their growing volumes of unstructured data. Cloudian HyperStore, a software-defined storage provides enterprise customers a distributed object storage platform, offers a robust solution for this challenge. However, to ensure optimal performance and reliability, it is crucial to distribute ... Read More

Double-down on your Enterprise-Class Data Backup Strategy with Cloudian HyperStore

In the ever-evolving landscape of data management and storage solutions, Cloudian HyperStore stands out, providing businesses with unmatched advantages in data protection, resilience, compliance adherence, and efficient data management. With the recent release of HyperStore 7.5.2 software, Cloudian has enhanced its capabilities, specifically tailored for enterprise-class data backup between Cloudian HyperStore clusters. Explore this blog ... Read More

Department of Defense Research Lab Ditches Dell ECS for Cloudian

A research lab within the US Department of Defense recently switched from Dell ECS to Cloudian. And they are delighted they did. Although their Dell ECS system was only 50% consumed, it was a first generation Dell ECS system that was no longer supported. Consequently, when their ECS contract expired, a transition of some kind … Read More

How Cloudian’s Hybrid Storage Policy Accelerates Nasuni

Cloudian recently introduced a new capability, hybrid storage policies, first introduced in Cloudian HyperStore 7.5 object storage software. This feature allows the Cloudian platform to be application aware and tune storage usage in real time to optimize performance and capacity efficiency. A customer recently capitalized on this new capability as they sought to bolster their … Read More

Major Ransomware Attack in Las Vegas: Are You Prepared?

Two large hotel and casino chains in the US this week provided a high-profile reminder that ransomware is still very much with us. MGM Resorts, which includes several of the largest hotels in Las Vegas and across the US, was largely shut down due to a ransomware attack, with credit card transactions halted and casino … Read More

Multi-Cloud Series: #7 Configure Cloudian HyperStore for On-Premise and Public Clouds

How to Configure Cloudian HyperStore for Hybrid Cloud Because Cloudian HyperStore is built for seamless cloud integration, it is an ideal platform for hybrid cloud deployments. This blog will explain how to configure Cloudian HyperStore to use on an on-premises data centre to create a hybrid cloud deployment. CLOUDIAN SUPPORTS MULTIPLE DEPLOYMENT TOPOLOGIES Cloudian HyperStore ... Read More