aws s3 object storageAWS just announced the Amazon S3 Express One Zone storage class, a high-performance AWS storage service. To complement this new addition, Cloudian has unveiled the HyperStore Bucket Migrator for Amazon S3 Express One Zone. This revolutionary utility enables seamless data migration to Amazon S3 Express One Zone, letting customers move data effortlessly from Cloudian HyperStore on-premises storage to the high-performance realm of S3 Express One Zone where they can capitalize on immediate access to high-performance compute resources.

Unlocking the Power of S3 Express One Zone

Amazon S3 Express One Zone is purpose-built to deliver unparalleled cloud object storage performance for applications that demand consistent single-digit millisecond request latency. Boasting the capability to improve data access speeds by 10x and reduce request costs by 50%, S3 Express One Zone scales to process millions of requests per minute for the most frequently accessed datasets. What sets it apart is the ability to choose the specific AWS Availability Zone within an AWS Region to store data, allowing organizations to optimize performance by co-locating storage with compute resources in the same Availability Zone.

Seamless Migration with HyperStore Bucket Migrator

Data migration for AWS S3Cloudian’s HyperStore Bucket Migrator for S3 Express One Zone lets Cloudian customers seamlessly migrate on-premises object storage data from any Cloudian system to an AWS Availability Zone with S3 Express One Zone. This opens the door for customers to rapidly utilize available GPU resources and leverage the highest performance among all Amazon S3 storage classes. The data migration to S3 Express One Zone process enables cost-effective compute solutions, allowing the use of instance fleets to accelerate data processing and optimize resource usage.

Use Cases Across Industries

The versatility of the combined solution extends across various industries and applications, including processing autonomous vehicle data, financial risk modeling, real-time online advertising, and machine learning training and inference. The flexibility and performance enhancements offered by S3 Express One Zone make it a go-to solution for organizations with diverse and demanding use cases. Particularly in use cases such as generative artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models (LLMs), the solution provides organizations with the flexibility and performance needed to stay ahead in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

Industry Voices

william bell William Bell, Executive VP at Phoenix NAP, expresses his confidence in Cloudian’s innovation, stating, “Cloudian’s HyperStore Bucket Migrator for S3 Express One Zone will play a critical role in the hybrid cloud by helping us seamlessly migrate on-premises data, unlocking rapid access to GPU and data services with unprecedented response times.”

michael tsoMichael Tso, CEO and Co-Founder of Cloudian, emphasizes the significance of the HyperStore Bucket Migrator, stating, “The new HyperStore Bucket Migrator for S3 Express One Zone enables frictionless data movement between Cloudian HyperStore on-premises storage and S3 Express One Zone, empowering organizations to fully embrace the benefits of high-performance storage for their most demanding use cases, whether at the edge, core, or cloud.”

james kirschnerJames Kirschner, General Manager of Amazon S3, highlights the speed advantages of S3 Express One Zone and acknowledges Cloudian’s contribution, stating, “Cloudian’s HyperStore Bucket Migrator helps more customers accelerate data processing for workloads with increasing demands due to the elasticity and scalable performance of S3 Express One Zone.”


In the era of dynamic data requirements, Cloudian’s HyperStore Bucket Migrator for S3 Express One Zone stands as a game-changer, offering organizations seamless data migration to Amazon S3 high-performance storage. As the digital landscape evolves, this innovative solution paves the way for organizations to unlock the full potential of their data, ensuring they stay ahead in the race for efficiency and performance. To learn more about Cloudian solutions for AWS, visit

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