Apache Common Text Vulnerability Guidance

Vulnerabilities have been identified in the Apache Commons Text. Cloudian took immediate action and has provided patches to remediate the issue. Data security is a foremost concern at Cloudian. This blog further explains the issue and outlines the steps that Cloudian has taken. Cloudian customers are strongly advised to prioritize and implement the Cloudian patch … Read More

On-prem S3 Data Lakehouse for Modern Analytics and More

The modernization of the data analytics architecture started in the cloud, but not everyone is able to or willing to move their data to the cloud, for data gravity, security, and/or compliance reasons. Organizations can now implement an S3 data lakehouse and get the same benefits with greater control.

Cloudian Enhances MSP Partner Program

Organizations face a range of challenges in managing and protecting their data, providing new market opportunities for service providers. Cloudian’s enhanced MSP program ensures MSP partners are well-positioned to capitalize on these opportunities by delivering greater value-add to their customers and driving increased growth and profit.

From Data Warehouse to Data Lakehouse: The Evolution of Data Analytics Platforms

As a data management company, Cloudian has always been interested in how organizations manage their data. A lot of attention has been paid to the WHY and HOW of data interactions, as well as WHERE data is stored. One particularly interesting combination of why, how and where is data analytics.

HyperBalance Brings Adaptive Data Management to Cloudian HyperStore Scale-Out Object Storage

Explosive growth in data is driving new data management solutions in the market, Object storage solutions such as Cloudian HyperStore are becoming the go-to choice to handle massive amounts of structured and unstructured data. Designed for massive scale-out deployments that are geographically dispersed, object storage is becoming the means to future-proof your data growth. To prove the need for easy data management at scale, we have only to look at the trendline for how much data is being created worldwide each year.

Cloudifying Enterprise Data Analytics with VMware Tanzu Greenplum and Cloudian Object Storage

Enterprise data analytics architectures based on traditional data warehouse platforms–running on appliances and/or traditional storage infrastructure solutions–cannot keep up with the scale, speed, or efficiency required by dynamic enterprises. They can also get expensive very quickly. To gain a competitive advantage, customers are increasingly looking to the cloud model where data warehouse platforms connect directly to and analyze data sitting in an S3 data lake.