Cloudian case studyIn the dynamic realm of HR management, an industry leader sought an S3-compatible object storage solution to serve as a Veeam backup target for their critical data.

Considering storage options from NetApp, Minio, and Hitachi, a seasoned storage buyer with a background at a major storage company took the reins of the decision-making process.

After meticulous evaluation, Cloudian S3-compatible object storage emerged as the preferred choice, earning enthusiastic endorsement as “the only game in town.”

Storage Challenge

This firm, already utilizing NetApp for file storage, recognized Cloudian’s unique value as a complement to their existing infrastructure.

The defined use case positioned Cloudian as the Veeam backup target, with a focus on leveraging Cloudian’s Object Lock immutable storage feature for robust data protection against ransomware threats.

Cloudian Solution

To meet their storage demands, the organization deployed six Cloudian appliances, specifically the HSA 1610 model, each with 120TB of capacity. Configured in an EC 4+2 setup, these appliances provided a blend of data redundancy and scalability.

The implementation also incorporated Cloudian HyperBalance load balancing, to optimize performance and ensure seamless operations, and Cloudian HyperIQ to provide real-time insights into storage usage, performance, and trends.

HR graphicLooking toward the future, plans include the addition of four more Cloudian nodes at a new facility to provide disaster recovery (DR) capacity. Cross Region Replication (CRR) will be implemented to the second site.

Encouraged by the success of the initial deployment, the firm is now exploring opportunities to extend Cloudian into primary data use cases.

The positive experience positions them for continued growth and adaptability in their evolving data management landscape, showcasing the efficacy of Cloudian in addressing the unique challenges of HR data security.

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