Betting on Software-Defined Storage

Picking a company to advise is not always easy, but sometimes it just clicks – take, for example, my recent decision to join Cloudian’s advisory board. As outlined in my recent blog post, I look at several factors before deciding to advise a company: The potential for growth How well they know their target audience … Read More

Hypervisor Agnostic Cloud Storage for VDI Home Directories

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is, simply put, the process of running virtualized desktops for users within an organization using server-based computing. You have the option of running persistent or non-persistent virtual desktops. If you are interested in knowing more about these types of deployments, you can find out more by using your favorite search engine. … Read More

Reduce Media Production Workflows with Cloudian & QStar

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) attracts over 100,000 people every year from over 160 countries, with attendees gathering in Las Vegas to explore everything from broadcast to post-production to virtual reality and everything in between that has to do with media & entertainment (M&E). It’s an intense show, but totally worth it if you’re … Read More

Data Availability & Data Protection for the IoT World

New York, “The City That Never Sleeps”. A very fitting moniker for a city that is full of energy and excitement. Servers located in data centers all around the world are constantly crunching numbers and generating analytics in every financial institution in New York. Why are some of these servers located worldwide? Well, for a … Read More

Reinventing Storage Administration at Scale with Cloudian HyperStore 6.0

Learn More About Cloudian HyperStore- Download White Paper At Cloudian, we are continuously enhancing and evolving our flagship product HyperStore, a fully S3-compatible object storage technology. But even with all our rich history of innovative releases, I’m most proud of the upcoming Cloudian HyperStore 6.0 – we have risen to a new [email protected] operations. How ... Read More

Harness the Power of Software-Defined Infrastructure to Help Solve the Biggest Big Data Storage Challenges

With the popularity of rich media, the proliferation of mobile devices and the digitization of content, there has been an exponential growth in the amount of unstructured data that IT is managing (think medical images or large research data sets).  And this growth is not slowing but increasing. This unprecedented growth is just not sustainable … Read More

What’s the Buzz with Media & Entertainment at Super Bowl City?

The hottest ticket for Media & Entertainment (M&E) this year is no doubt Super Bowl 50, hosted in Santa Clara, California in Silicon Valley this upcoming Sunday, February 7th. This year’s matchup poses new versus old…as in, the younger more dynamic Carolina Panther’s quarterback Cam Newton versus the veteran and reestablished Denver Bronco’s Peyton Manning. … Read More

S3 API & Extensions for Enterprise Object Storage

Amazon’s S3 API is the de-facto standard for object storage APIs. Having multiple service providers, software providers, and applications standardize on S3 has made it easier to interchange between them and rapidly stand up new uses for object storage. But there are different grades of S3 compatibility. Some software and solutions provide only the basic … Read More

3 Ways to Connect with Cloudian at AWS re:Invent 2015!

This is going to be an epic year at AWS re:Invent, I can already tell… Maybe it’s my first year attending the show with Cloudian and we have some awesome things going on here.  We just launched our Cloudian HyperStore ‘forever live’ FL3000 series and HyperStore 5.2 software, you can learn more about it here: … Read More

Cloudian Launches HyperStore 5.2 and New High Capacity Appliances

Greetings from the Cloud! I am excited to announce that Cloudian just released HyperStore 5.2 and new high capacity appliances. Let’s talk HyperStore 5.2, an innovative release packed with features, such as new self-service storage policies, which allow enterprises to set data durability policies per application, optimizing data protection and reducing operational costs. The end-user … Read More