Cloudian Customer Receives Commvault Innovation Award for Data Protection with Object Storage

A Cloudian customer, Schuberg Philis, has been recognized by Commvault for their innovation in a data protection deployment with Cloudian object storage. Several aspects of this award-winning solution illustrate advancements that make backup a very exciting topic right now:

  • Object storage as a target: On-premises S3-compatible storage is the backup target in this solution
  • Backup as a service: 3800 clients employ this environment
  • Local and remote backup: Clients being protected are both local (within the Schuberg facility) and remote

Data protection is alive with innovation, and this illustrates why. Data center managers now have more options than ever to reduce headaches, cut costs, and increase service levels.

Object storage helps by providing a seamlessly scalable backup target that a) works with most backup solutions, including Commvault, b) delivers disk performance at costs approaching tape, and c) includes a broad range of capabilities including compression, encryption, and deduplication.

Backup as a service is now more practical than ever, thanks to the S3 protocol that enhances data delivery over network connections.

Schuberg Philis brought these innovations together to offer Data Management as a Service (DMS). This is a multi-tenant data protection solution that’s based on Commvault software and Cloudian storage. It runs within Schuberg Philis’ Mission Critical Cloud Infrastructure.

As a centralized backup and restore platform, DMS includes a wide swath of features such as object storage, SQL AlwaysOn, clustering, and encryption. These features make it easier for customers to manage data protection options without sacrificing data integrity. Commvault took notice and awarded Schuberg Philis a global Service Provider Innovation Award.

We’re very proud that we could be a part of this great solution!

To learn more about the economics of object storage, read this Object Storage Buyer’s Guide. Learn how you too can save a bundle, and beat your SLAs, all with the backup software you already have.

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