Complete solutions at 0.5¢ for GB/mo, including software, hardware, and supportIn the contemporary data landscape, enterprises grapple with an unprecedented explosion of unstructured data. The challenge is this: the data growth rate far exceeds the typical 5% to 8% annual IT budget increase. For IT professionals, the question is how to meet this growing need with the limited resources at hand.

This challenge is especially acute with data intensive workloads such as AI/ML and big data analytics. Managing and storing this data safely and securely while keeping costs under control is a significant challenge. Cloudian HyperStore offers a scalable, software-defined storage platform that addresses these needs, providing substantial storage cost savings through its architecture and operational efficiency.

CAPEX Savings

One of the primary financial benefits of Cloudian HyperStore is its significant reduction in capital expenditures (CAPEX). Traditional enterprise storage solutions often rely on proprietary hardware, which can be expensive to acquire and maintain. In contrast, Cloudian HyperStore operates on industry-standard hardware, eliminating the need for costly proprietary systems. This flexibility allows organizations to deploy storage on the server of their choice, whether as a virtual machine, on bare metal, or as pre-configured appliances. This approach can result in CAPEX savings of up to 70% compared to traditional tier one storage systems​​ with proprietary hardware.

Modular Scaling and Efficiency

Modular scalabilityCloudian’s architecture is designed for modular growth, allowing enterprises to scale their storage capacity non-disruptively. This means additional nodes can be added to the storage cluster as needed, without significant planning or upfront investment in unused capacity. This pay-as-you-grow model ensures that organizations only invest in the storage they need, when they need it, avoiding the common pitfall of over-provisioning​​. Additionally, the architecture supports both data replication and erasure coding, ensuring data durability and protection across multiple nodes, which further enhances cost efficiency by reducing the risk of data loss and the associated recovery costs.

OPEX Savings

Operational expenditures (OPEX) are another critical area where Cloudian HyperStore provides savings. Traditional storage systems often require complex management and multiple middleware tools, leading to higher operational costs. They also often lack the scalability or data durability required to consolidate data to a single system, resulting in multiple hard-to-manage storage silos.

Cloudian is limitlessly scalable, meaning that workloads of any size can be consolidated  into a single system. Cloudian can scale across multiple sites, and includes built-in tools for automated disaster recovery, reducing the need for extensive administrative overhead. The use of standard hardware also means lower maintenance costs and easier integration with existing IT infrastructure​​.

Cloudian’s solution can reduce enterprise storage costs significantly, with up to 95% less management overhead and 30% lower requirements for power, space, and cooling. The high durability of Cloudian’s design, with up to 14 nines of data durability, ensures maximum productivity by minimizing downtime and data loss incidents​​.

Consumption Model

HPE Greenlake cloudianIf you prefer a consumption-based, “pay-by-the-drink” financial approach, Cloudian enables that via our partnership with HPE GreenLake. You can procure an entire solution, including software and hardware, in a consumption model that offers a financial framework akin to that of public cloud services. Organizations pay for the storage and computing resources they actually use, rather than investing in and maintaining their own on-premises infrastructure. This model transforms capital expenses into operational expenses, providing greater financial flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency. By aligning costs directly with usage, HPE GreenLake helps businesses manage their budgets more predictively and adapt quickly to changing workloads and data demands, thereby merging the benefits of both cloud and on-premises environments.

Technical Advantages and Cost Implications

The technical architecture of Cloudian HyperStore contributes directly to cost savings. Its limitless scalability allows it to handle the ever-growing volumes of unstructured data without the performance degradation seen in traditional storage systems. The use of a flat file system and clustered nodes means that as more nodes are added, both capacity and performance increase linearly. This scalability ensures that enterprises can continue to meet their data storage needs without frequent and costly upgrades or migrations​​.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Integration

Hybrid cloudCloudian HyperStore’s native support for the S3 API enables seamless integration with cloud environments, facilitating hybrid and multi-cloud strategies. This integration allows enterprises to leverage cost-effective cloud storage for disaster recovery, data archiving, and offloading less frequently accessed data, thereby optimizing on-premises storage usage. By implementing policy-based data migration and replication, organizations can balance performance and cost, keeping critical data on-premises while utilizing the cloud for scalable, cost-effective storage expansion​​.


Cloudian HyperStore delivers significant cost savings for enterprises by leveraging industry-standard hardware, offering modular and scalable architecture, and integrating seamlessly with cloud environments. Its comprehensive data management capabilities reduce both CAPEX and OPEX, making it an ideal solution for organizations looking to manage growing volumes of unstructured data efficiently and cost-effectively. By adopting Cloudian HyperStore, enterprises can achieve robust, scalable, and economical data storage solutions that align with their long-term strategic goals​​.

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