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Enterprise NAS File Services

Cloudian HyperFile® delivers scalable enterprise file services, on-prem. Together with Cloudian HyperStore®, HyperFile provides a cost-effective solution for your capacity-intensive, less frequently used files. Seamlessly grow from terabytes to petabytes. File connectivity with a NAS storage device at 1/3 the cost of enterprise NAS.


The most complete enterprise NAS feature set in its class

Scale-Out Performance

Multiple HyperFile controllers can access a single namespace for scalable performance.

Multi-Protocol Support

Supports Windows and Linux clients and applications. SMB (CIFS), NFS, FTP, POSIX compliant.

infinite scalability

Limitless Capacity

Scale from terabytes to petabytes, without disruption, simply by adding nodes.


Create non-rewritable, non-erasable files for compliance.

Non-Disruptive Data Migration

Migrate data from your existing NAS to HyperFile NAS storage device. Full data access continues without interruption during this background task.


Create multiple namespaces within a shared storage pool. QoS controls guarantee performance.


HyperFile NAS Controller Overview

View this demo and see how easy it is to configure HyperFile as a NAS storage device. Create a limitlessly scalable storage environment with file management, plus snapshots, WORM, and more. (4:20)


“Cloudian HyperFile is the first solution we’ve seen that combines the file management features and rock-solid data durability we need with the scalability, simplicity, and value that will help us save significantly on CAPEX and OPEX.”

Sean McAdam
VP of Computer and Network Services at Element Fleet


Economic Advantages of Cloudian HyperFile

HyperFile revolutionizes file storage economics with 70% less CAPEX, limitless scalability for simplified management, and non-disruptive scalability to eliminate downtime in a simple NAS storage device.


Object Storage vs.
File Storage

The difference between object storage and a file system.

Side-by-side comparison of object storage vs. file storage.


Greg Schulz Looks at Cloudian HyperFile

Noted storage analyst Greg Schulz discusses HyperFile use cases and where it fits in the enterprise file storage landscape. (2:35)

Simply Beautiful

The HyperFile GUI provides access to all management operations via intuitive screens and wizards. A CLI is available as well, for automation of repetitive tasks.

Cloud Enablement

Achieve full data portability, on-prem and in the cloud. Store data as files, then directly access it from S3-enabled applications — without traversing HyperFile. Migrate data to the cloud via integrated tools and gain direct access from cloud-based applications as well.  Multi-cloud support extends your file data access to Amazon, Google or Microsoft clouds.


Cloudian HyperStore Datasheet

TCO Report: Economic Advantages of Cloudian HyperFile

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