Cloudian Consumption Model

Cloudian Consumption Model

Buy nothing up front.
Pay only for what you use.

The Cloudian consumption model puts limitlessly scalable capacity in your data center with no upfront cost. Offered in conjunction with the technology financing experts at Asset Finance Group (AFG), this program offers the financial benefits of an OPEX financial model. Pay only for the storage you use and get cloud-like economics with the performance and security of storage in your data center, behind your firewall.

Consumption Model FAQ

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Predictable Cost

With no ingress/egress charges, you eliminate billing spikes when usage is high. Get a cloud-like financial model without the cloud risks. Your storage bill reflects only the storage you use, nothing more.

Zero-Capital Upgrades

Never run out of capacity. Add capacity when needed with no CAPEX, no purchase orders. With metered storage, you’re billed monthly only for capacity used.

Flexible Procurement

In North America, FlexStore is available directly from Cloudian or from Cloudian-authorized resellers.

Program Features

The benefits of an OPEX cost model. The security and performance of on-prem resources.


Usage-based Cost

  • Flexible
  • Pay for what you use
  • Capacity on demand


  • On-prem network
  • Fast large-file transfers


  • Behind your firewall
  • Retain full control

Financial Model

  • Off balance sheet
  • Not a lease
  • Scale without added CAPEX

Consumption Model Benefits

With nothing to buy, the Cloudian and AFG program solves common storage cost challenges. Storage is metered only by capacity consumed. There are no usage charges. When available capacity is running low, add space at no additional upfront cost. Preserve your cash and your CAPEX budget, and align costs with use.

You get financial benefits of an operational expense model, and the security and  predictable performance of on-prem storage, in your data center, behind your firewall.

Consumption Model

*Contact Cloudian to obtain a quote for your use case.

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Traditional Purchase vs Consumption Model

Scale costs with demand, rather than ahead of demand. A traditional purchase consumes cash up front, and again at each storage expansion. Cloudian and AFG now let you puts costs and storage consumption in synch. If you are offering storage as a service, this lets you match income and costs to help you manage working capital.

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