You have growing storage demand, but a limited capital budget. Cloudian now offers a solution. Our consumption model combines a cloud-like financial model with on-prem storage. Launched with our financing partner, Asset Finance Group (AFG), this attractive alternative to either traditional purchases or cloud storage gives you another option to meet your storage needs with pricing starting at 1.3¢ per GB/month.

Now you can pay for storage as it’s consumed. At the end of each month, you receive an invoice for the capacity used during that month. Billing can go up/down from month to month.

Unlike cloud storage, the Cloudian/AFG program lets you host storage in your data center or colocation facility, behind your firewall and connected directly to your network. You get the storage security and performance you expect from an on-prem asset, combined with greater financial flexibility.

A Cloud-Like Financial Model

Cloudian and AFG allow your storage to be accounted for as an operating expense (OPEX), rather than a capital purchase (CAPEX). It goes in your monthly expense budget, just as cloud storage would. For some firms, this offers significant accounting benefits. Capital expense items may impact performance ratios used for covenants or incentive payments. (Note that final treatment is always at the discretion of the firm’s finance team and auditors.)

consumption model provides flexible financing: match costs to storage usage


Match Incoming Cash Flow to Expenses

For some businesses such as service providers, matching expenses to storage usage can be an effective way to manage cash flow. With a consumption model, payments can rise and fall in synch with income, thus preserving working capital.

CAPEX-free Expansion

A common storage pain point is capacity expansion. When the storage is full, you need more space now, which may not alway be possible, given real-world budget constraints. A consumption model lets you expand storage when needed without impacting your CAPEX budget. A new contract will be required (to reflect the added gear), but you still pay only for the storage consumed.

Less Cost than Cloud

The Cloudian and AFG program is affordable. Costs are less than what you’d pay for most public cloud storage: pricing starts at 1.3¢ per GB/month. Of course, there are no ingress/egress charges. And you pay nothing for bandwidth since the storage is in your data center. Contact Cloudian for a quote for your use case.

Scalable Storage + Flexible Economics

Cloudian HyperStore object storage is limitlessly scalable: simply add nodes to grow on demand in a single namespace. Now Cloudian and AFG let you capitalize on that storage flexibility with the most flexible financing plan.  Grow on demand with no additional capital outlay.

Available in North America

This program is currently available to North American entities.

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