Covid Increased Ransomware Attacks on Healthcare

Van Flowers joins Jeff Lanza, a 20 year FBI veteran, to discuss REAL ransomware situations, cybercrime impact on companies, and what you should be looking out for to keep your company safe. The best defense is always being proactively prepared, and they’ll show you how protecting your data with object lock / immutability can prevent you from being yet another “it happened to me” on the FBI’s list of victims.

S3-Compatible Object Storage Brings Cloud Benefits On-Prem

Are you struggling to manage the ever-growing volumes of patient health records, scans, MRIs, x-rays, and other data? Are you looking for better ways to leverage all this data for research and analysis, perhaps through Splunk?

Learn how Cloudian HyperStore can help you open up new opportunities by solving these challenges and more, like ensuring ransomware protection with true data immutability and protecting all of your data, including EHR and Office 365, with full HIPAA compliance.

10 Reasons to Choose Cloudian HyperStore
for Healthcare Workloads


Implementing Resilient IT Infrastructure in an Uncertain Time

public health englandAn organisation’s IT resiliency is its ability to adapt to both planned and unplanned events while still keeping core infrastructure, key services, and operations fully functional and running continuously. Without a doubt, the whole world is in the midst of an unplanned event – The Coronavirus Pandemic – for which the outcome is still relatively unknown. Nowhere is the pressure more apparent than in the healthcare and public sectors.

View this webinar on-demand to learn how healthcare and public sector organisations are adapting and planning for the future through:

  • Infrastructure programs designed to be flexible and secure
  • More cost-effective solutions to accommodate reduced budgets and resources
  • New uses of technologies such as object storage with built-in resiliency

Francesco Giannoccaro – HPC and Cloud Solution Architect – Public Health England
Tammam Jamal – Specialist Information Systems Engineer – Public Health England
Tomas Schimper – Strategy – Knowledgepark GmbH

Chris Evans, Architecting.IT – Analyst, Consultant & Blogger

The Right Data Storage Prescription: Bringing Cloud Benefits On-Premises

Manage, protect, and retain patient records, scans, and images, with a limitlessly scalable, secure, compliant and cost-effective storage solution

healthcare data workflow


  • Cloud-like: Start small and grow without disruption
  • Breaking Silos: Consolidated health records for simplified access and data management
  • Security: Access controls, audit logs, encryption for data at rest and in motion
  • Compliance: HIPAA compliant
  • Analytics: Metadata-based search and analytics capabilities
  • Data Protection: Exceptional data durability for long-term data protection, seamless integration with most major backup providers
  • Cloud Economics: Less than ½ ¢/GB/month, up to 70% less cost than traditional storage

Intelligent Scalable Storage for Acuo by Hyland Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA)

Collaborative healthcare depends on the real-time delivery of patient data, but records originate from many systems, with many different record types. If they can not be easily located or viewed, they can not inform clinical decision making or contribute to best-practice outcomes. A vendor-neutral archive (VNA) provides a common interface that allows multiple healthcare information platforms to access a shared storage environment.

Combining Cloudian HyperStore with the Acuo by Hyland VNA provides the following benefits:

  • Highly durable, limitlessly scalable enterprise storage
  • A single standardized image repository
  • Integration with many clinical applications allows medical staff to make more informed care decisions that improve patient outcomes
  • Vendor neutrality allows healthcare organizations to use solutions from multiple vendors, providing equipment sourcing flexibility and cost control
  • Simplified, consolidated, protected storage environment for a reduced IT workload

Epic EHR Data Protection with Rubrik and Cloudian

Cloudian alliance partner, Rubrik, provides modern data backup and recovery solutions that integrate seamlessly with HyperStore for additional data protection. For Epic environments, HyperStore can provide an on-premises storage solution for Epic EHR data protected by Rubrik. Learn more about how you can manage, protect, and retain healthcare records, scans, and images, with a secure, cost-effective, and limitlessly scalable on-premises storage solution.

Protect Your Hospital’s Office 365 Data with Veeam & Cloudian

Microsoft Office 365 offers geo-redundancy, which protects your staff, medical faculty, and research data held in Office from site or device failure. But it does not replace backup. With geo-redundancy alone, you have limited recovery options if the hospital’s data is accidentally deleted or maliciously attacked.

veeam object storageVeeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 (VBO) paired with Cloudian HyperStore protects your Office 365 data from accidental deletion, rogue staff, and malware. From VBO, Office 365 backups are stored directly to Cloudian, providing a fast, on-prem, disk-based data protection solution for your institution at up to 70% less cost than traditional storage solutions.

us healthcare ransomware stats

Ransomware Challenge: More Data and New Threats

Ransomware attacks have increased 97% in the last two years. 75% of organizations infected were running up-to-date endpoint protection. Don’t let your health system be the next victim. Learn more about the types of ransomware attacks and how hardened, immutable storage with Object Lock protects against them.

*According to Emisoft

healthcare data protection

Lock Ransomware Out: Get US Government-Certified Data Security with Cloudian Object Storage

As ransomware continues to paralyze public and private healthcare systems globally, Cloudian and Veeam can provide you with hardened ransomware protection.

Cloudian HyperStore 7.2 and Veeam Availability Suite V10 support Object Lock, or WORM, which allows backup data copies to be made unchangeable for a set period of time, preventing hacker encryption or deletion and ensuring a clean data copy for reliable recovery. HyperStore is hardened by the use of HyperStore Shell (HSH) and RootDisable, securing the solution at the system level, even disabling root access to make the solution impregnable. Similar solutions typically have porous root access leaving system-level breaches possible.

Other solution benefits include:

  • On-prem, disk-based storage for rapid data restore
  • Veeam-certified for trouble-free deployment
  • Industry’s lowest TCO (total cost of ownership) of any backup target

Cloudian HyperStore SEC17a-4 Cohasset Assessment Report

Cloudian HyperStore 7.2 meets the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication 140-2 Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules (FIPS PUB 140-2). Get this compliance assessment from Cohasset Associates to learn how Cloudian HyperStore, when properly configured, also meets the following US government security standards:

  • SEC Rule 17a-4(f)
  • FINRA Rule 4511
  • CFTC Rule 1.31(c)-(d)

Other protection techniques can be compromised, so learn how your hospital network can get a truly immutable ransomware protection solution.

Save on Splunk Storage so Your Health System Can Do More with Splunk

Extract more insights for 60% less cost with object storage

Splunk SmartStore and Cloudian HyperStore together let you decouple the compute and storage layers, so you can independently scale those resources to best serve workload demands.


  • 60+% TCO savings vs indexer-based storage
  • Independently scale compute and Splunk storage resources
  • On-prem data lake with exabyte scalability
  • Modular design for non-disruptive storage growth
  • Integrates seamlessly with AWS, GCP, and Azure
  • Deploy as software or appliance(s)


Splunk SmartStore with Cloudian HyperStore

This demo shows a fully functional Splunk SmartStore/Cloudian HyperStore solution — from setup to searching data residing on a remote Cloudian HyperStore.