Cloudian grew revenue by 300 percent, doubled its customer base, grew stored customer data 5x, and won five technology awards for HyperStore in 2015

San Mateo, Calif. – February 11, 2016 – Cloudian, Inc., the leader in software-defined smart data storage and the most S3 compatible object storage provider, released its 2015 business highlights and outlined its areas of focus for 2016. The company reported a breakout year, which included 300 percent revenue growth, driven by a doubling of its customer base and fivefold increase in data storage within its flagship object storage solution, Cloudian HyperStore.

2015 Cloudian Business Highlights:

  • 300 percent growth in HyperStore revenue from a doubling of the customer base
  • The amount of data stored in Cloudian Hyperstore storage systems grew fivefold
  • Cloudian was awarded five technology and storage industry awards including Modern Infrastructure “Best Software-Defined Infrastructure”
  • Customers selected Cloudian HyperStore as their storage technology choice nine out of 10 times when evaluating object storage solutions
  • Cloudian continued its record of zero customer churn by focusing on customer support and satisfaction as well as product innovation

“With an estimated 4000 ISVs supporting the S3 protocol, S3 is now the de facto standard for object storage. Enterprises are recognizing the importance of S3 compatibility, and in 2015, because of our 100 percent compatibility, we won 90 percent of competitive evaluations,” said Michael Tso, co-founder and CEO of Cloudian. “A solution that is not fully compatible exposes an enterprise to significant issues, such as application re-use, performance, scalability, and vendor lock. An enterprise would not buy a 60 percent compliant NFS, so why buy a 60 percent S3 solution?”

“We are pleased, but not surprised, that the market is responding so well to our S3 compatibility as the easiest and most robust way to store and manage data from their diverse business applications,” said Paul Turner, chief marketing officer and technology evangelist at Cloudian. “Cloudian is setting the pace for the new era of software-defined storage, or as we see it: smart data storage.”

In 2015, Cloudian released two major versions of its HyperStore software, and a family of petabyte scale appliances, which extended Cloudian’s market leading feature set and eased adoption for customers preferring an integrated hardware and software solution. This continued technical innovation earned Cloudian HyperStore five storage industry awards. Cloudian also introduced a money back satisfaction guarantee for its full S3 API compatibility. To further scale sales and implementation capabilities, Cloudian increased the number of reseller and technology partners worldwide to over 50, including Cisco, Dell, Intel, Lenovo and QCT (Quanta Cloud Technology). Cloudian also grew its support team in the U.S., Japan and Europe to ensure 24/7 customer support in all geographies.

“Our customers continue to praise our support team, with one customer stating we are the best they have seen from any storage vendor,” continued Tso. “For this reason and many more, we had zero customer churn in 2015 and all our customers are growing their data storage under HyperStore management.”

Enterprises, particularly those in life sciences, IoT, media and entertainment, and financial services, are experiencing tremendous big data growth, driving the need for highly scalable, secure, reliable, and cost-effective storage technologies. In 2016, Cloudian will continue to innovate the HyperStore platform to meet these big data needs, and invest in sales, marketing, and support. Cloudian customers and partners will continue to choose Hyperstore as their object storage platform to meet the business and IT needs of the global economy.

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About Cloudian Based in Silicon Valley, Cloudian is the leader in software-defined smart data storage. Our flagship product, Cloudian HyperStore®, is a fully S3-compatible storage platform that enables service providers and enterprises to build reliable, affordable and scalable hybrid cloud storage solutions.

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