Enables Synchronization and Backup of Files Stored I On-Premise NAS To Public or Private Cloud Storage

FOSTER CITY, Calif.—Jan. 8, 2014—Object storage leader Cloudian and I-O Data Device Inc. today announced certified inter-connectivity between I-O Data’s NAS-based solution, the HDL-XRW Series, and Cloudian’s fully S3 API-compliant, software-based Cloudian® object storage software.

I-O Data’s NAS-based HDL-XRW Series is already equipped with the functionality of cloud storage synchronization for sync and backup of stored data in Dropbox and Amazon S3. In December 2013, I-O Data verified synchronization with Biz Hosting Cloudn Object Storage service provided by NTT Communications and certified inter-connectivity.

Cloudian is a software-based object storage solution which provide an API that is fully compliant with Amazon S3 API. Running on commodity servers, it can integrate and control internal disks of multiple servers as a single, large storage area. Users can thus store large volumes of data economically and reliably.

Inter-connectivity between Cloudian and I-O Data’s NAS-based HDL-XRW Series was previously verified in a public cloud environment since Cloudian is already used for Biz Hosting Cloudn Object Storage service. Now the two companies also verified the connectivity in private cloud and enterprise IT environments.

With the recently confirmed interconnectivity, files stored in NAS at an office can be stored not only in a public cloud but also in a Cloudian-based private cloud or on-premise object storage simply by modifying a destination of storage. This allows customers to flexibly select a destination of backup of files stored in NAS—as required by, for instance, data types, IT policies, geographical redundancy—and then provide allocation.

“We are pleased with the verification and official certification of inter-connectivity with Cloudian. Because of its full-compatibility with S3 API, verification of connectivity with our NAS-based HDL-XRW Series went quite smoothly,” said Tomomi Tsuchida, Corporate Officer and VP of Business Strategy of I-O. “Cloudian is already used by leading public cloud storage services in Japan, and we are thrilled with the opportunity to link more services under mutual connectivity in the future.”

“It is a pleasure to officially certify synchronization and backup of data from I-O Data’s NAS-based HDL-XRW Series to Cloudian,” said Hiroshi Ohhta, President and Co-Founder of Cloudian. “Generally NAS is understood as external data storage of PC’s and other devices and for backup upon system failures. By being linked with cloud storage, the volume of data that can be stored via NAS can be extended, and data can be backed up to prepare against disasters. Because NAS machines that customers already use become a gateway, it is exciting there will be more opportunities to use Cloudian-based object storage platforms not only in public clouds but also in private clouds and the enterprise IT space.”

About I-O Data Device. Inc.

I-O Data provides forward-looking products that can meet a variety of needs by leveraging engineering experience for more than three decades to cope with a growing, diversifying information society. I-O Data started selling NAS products in November 2003 and since then continues improving them, which is accepted as reliable products to store important data in the market. The company has eight business locations in Japan and affiliates in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

About Cloudian

Cloudian is a Foster City, Calif.-based software company specializing in cloud storage software. Cloudian® is an S3-compatible cloud object storage platform that enables service providers and enterprises to build reliable, affordable and scalable cloud storage solutions. Cloudian is actively partnering with leading cloud computing environments including Citrix Cloud Platform, Apache CloudStack, and OpenStack, cloud on-ramp providers, and the vast ecosystem of tools and applications that is afforded through true S3 compatibility. Cloudian’s customers include Vodafone, Nextel, NTT, Nifty, and LunaCloud. The company has additional offices in China and Japan. For more information or to try Cloudian today, please visit www.cloudian.com.

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