Cloudian® HyperStore® Appliances and Cloudian® HyperStore® 5.0 Software Deliver Easy-to-Use Hybrid Cloud Storage as Either Fully Integrated Stand-alone Storage Servers, or as Software

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Sept 16, 2014
—Cloudian, Inc., the leading provider of hybrid cloud storage solutions, today announced immediate availability of Cloudian HyperStore appliances and Cloudian HyperStore 5.0 software. Flash-optimized, rack-ready HyperStore appliances make it easy to economically deploy full-featured, highly scalable S3-compliant storage with three enterprise-focused configurations. HyperStore appliances come fully integrated with Cloudian HyperStore software to assure unlimited scale, multi-data center storage, fully automated data tiering, and support for all S3 applications.

“Cloudian customers now have the flexibility to choose to create their on-premises hybrid clouds using dedicated Cloudian appliances or by deploying HyperStore 5.0 software across their existing infrastructure,” said Paul Turner, chief marketing officer at Cloudian. “Either way, highly available, cost-effective, easy-to-use cloud storage is within easy reach for everyone at a cost of less than one cent per gigabyte per month.”

Cloudian HyperStore software, whether deployed on a user’s existing hardware or pre-installed on a HyperStore appliance, combines robust availability enhancements with added system management control, monitoring capabilities and reporting. A host of expanded features, including hybrid cloud streaming, virtual nodes, configurable erasure coding, and data compression and encryption help HyperStore set Cloudian apart with highly efficient storage and seamless data management that lets users store and access their data where they want it, when they want it.

“Cloudian can now credibly claim to offer the best combination of software-defined storage and integrated appliances at an attractive price point that is more than competitive with the hyper-scale public clouds,” said Simon Robinson, research vice president – storage at 451 Research. “While enterprise IT decision makers are interested in the flexibility and economics that software-defined approaches promise, they also highly value the benefits of an integrated software-hardware solution, especially in terms of ease of installation, management and support.”

HyperStore appliance (HSA) configuration for entry-level clouds:

The HyperStore appliance (HSA) 1000 series comes in two models, both in a 1U form factor. The entry-level HSA1024 delivers 24TB of capacity and is perfect for low-throughput workloads and entry-level S3-compatible private cloud storage.

HyperStore appliance configuration for active archives:

The ultra-dense HSA1048 boasts 48TB and is targeted at higher-capacity entry point deployments. It offers petabytes of storage in a standard data center rack. This configuration is a suitable building block for large multimedia content libraries, medical records, data center backups and other big-content applications.

HyperStore appliance for enterprise performance:

The high-performance HSA2060 model is flash-optimized and purpose-built for extreme IO bandwidth requirements. With up to 60TB of capacity in a 2U form factor, it features fast network throughput and hot-pluggable drives to perfectly suit high-performance enterprise environments like media and entertainment, energy, finance and healthcare.
HyperStore appliances are available for immediate purchase from Cloudian and through the Cloudian partner network.

For more information:

Join today’s 30-minute Webcast, “Cloud Storage for Everyone: The next data center trend,” to hear Cloudian discuss the benefits of HyperStore appliances and software as this technology puts hybrid cloud storage within easy reach of everyone.

Date: September 16, 2014
Time: 8:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time (UTC -7)

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Cloudian is a Foster City, Calif.-based software company specializing in cloud storage. Cloudian HyperStore® is an S3-compatible cloud object storage platform that enables service providers and enterprises to build reliable, affordable and scalable hybrid cloud storage solutions. Cloudian actively partners with leading cloud computing environments and the vast ecosystem of S3 compatible tools and applications. Cloudian’s customers include Vodafone, Nextel, NTT, Nifty, and LunaCloud. The company has additional offices in China and Japan.

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