NTT, Nifty, Ishikawa Computer Center (ICC) and Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) Drive Unprecedented Growth Across Enterprise Applications and Business Hosting Services

Cloudian, Inc., the leading provider of hybrid cloud smart data storage solutions, announced 270 percent year-on-year growth in Cloudian HyperStore usage across its existing Japanese customers. The cloud market in Japan has been building steadily and 2014 was its strongest year ever. Cloudian products are deployed across much of NTT’s cloud infrastructure, including at NTT Communications and NTT East. In Japan, Cloudian HyperStore is sold and supported through NTT Comware and NTT Software, in addition to about a dozen other partners. All existing customers reported solid increases in overall HyperStore capacity as well as numbers of objects stored.

“NTT Communications launched a business hosting service, ‘Biz Hosting Cloudn.’ Our aim is to provide innovative, highly reliable ICT service seamlessly across the globe under our “Global Cloud Vision,’” said Susumu Okuhira, NTT Communications director of hosting and platform service, cloud services. “With this aim, we were also studying an object storage service that is highly scalable, with unlimited data capacity. Cloudian has a proven track record in global markets to provide highly resilient and robust object storage with an Amazon S3-compatible API, which we believe is an optimal fit with our idea of object storage service.”

Cloudian HyperStore is the ideal hybrid storage solution for public cloud providers. Unlike legacy distributed file storage solutions, it is designed specifically for hybrid cloud scenarios and includes necessary enterprise management features such as multi-tenancy, multi-currency rating plans, billing, quality of service (QoS), and an Amazon S3 API that allows enterprises and service providers to deliver S3-compatible services to customers.

“With hundreds of deployments worldwide, Cloudian HyperStore is the hybrid cloud solution proven to meet the rigorous quality standards in Japan,” said Jon Ash, vice president of worldwide sales at Cloudian. “Cloudian’s ability to create highly scalable storage systems, which deliver comprehensive S3 features, resonates with NTT, Nifty, ICC and DNP, among others as they provide customers with robust, field-proven storage solutions.”

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