STORAGE NETWORK WORLD, Orlando, Fla., April 2, 2013 — Cloudian®, Inc., the market-leading cloud storage software company, today announced the next generation of its Cloudian solution, extending its leadership in S3 compatibility and multi-datacenter capabilities while enhancing its data management features for the growing enterprise marketplace. Cloudian helps organizations address their big data storage challenges by providing software to build private or public clouds using commodity servers. The Cloudian solution requires minimum IT involvement, dramatically reduces the costs of cloud deployment and management—and, as a result, is helping make “Storage-As-A-Utility” a reality.

“Although service providers and enterprises are intrigued by the idea of moving data to the cloud for scalability and agility, concerns over data management and protection remain front and center,” said Agatha Poon, Research Manager at 451 Research. “The ability to deliver high levels of security, systems continuity, and usability is as important as making intuitive management tools accessible to customers. Providing these features will give companies such as Cloudian a competitive edge.”

Cloudian’s new solution, Cloudian 2.4, maximizes data protection, availability and security, which are critical for enterprises looking to deploy their own private cloud or move their data to the public cloud. For multi-datacenter deployments, Cloudian now provides Dynamic Consistency Levels, offering unprecedented data protection and ensuring continuous, uninterrupted operations in the case of network or site failures. Cloudian 2.4 protects sensitive data through encryption while also associating expiration policies to content and auto-expiring content.

In addition, Cloudian is extending its leadership in S3 compatibility with its new content lifecycle management and web content support. Only Cloudian delivers a fully S3 API compliant, multi-tenant, multi-data center cloud storage platform that enables enterprises and service providers to cost-effectively deploy an extremely scalable and reliable object storage service within public and private clouds. The platform leverages a fully distributed, peer-to-peer architecture, with no single point of failure. Cloudian also provides a comprehensive user interface for both end user applications as well as administrative functions, including billing, monitoring and provisioning. The solution easily scales from one node up to hundreds of nodes across multiple data centers, supporting petabytes of data, enabling system operators to leverage heterogeneous, commodity servers for cost-effective horizontal scalability.

“Cloudian empowers organizations to finally meet their big data storage needs via a scalable, affordable, easy-to-manage solution,” said Jay Desai, Vice President of Product Management, Cloudian. “Now, with our newest version of Cloudian, we have made their lives even easier by adding many unique data management features. We are pleased to bring Storage-as-a-Utility one step closer to being a reality.”

Cloudian has also opened up the scalability, reliability and power of cloud object storage to anyone building an S3-compatible cloud—be it public, private or hybrid—via its free Cloudian Community Edition, which will support up to 100 TB of useable storage and offers forum support. Cloudian 2.4, including a Community Edition version, is now available for download from

About Cloudian

Cloudian, Inc. is a Foster City, Calif.-based software company specializing in cloud storage software. The main product is Cloudian®, an S3-compatible cloud object storage platform that enables service providers and enterprises to build reliable, affordable and scalable cloud storage solutions. Cloudian is actively partnering with leading cloud computing environments including Citrix Cloud Platform, Apache CloudStack, and OpenStack, cloud on-ramp providers, and the vast ecosystem of tools and applications that is afforded through true S3 compatibility. Cloudian’s customers include Vodafone, Nextel, NTT, SoftBank, Nifty, and Lunacloud. The company has additional offices in China and Japan. For more information or to try Cloudian today, please visit

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